• 'At least the sun is up today,' I thought. It's been raining for the past three days now. I was realived to see some sun. It's been at least two weeks since the store burned up. I sighed deeply, thinking about that day, about that stupid Luzola, that mysterious man. It was all a headache to me.
    Trying to put that day aside, I went back to painting my picture. The scene was a little girl in a white dress, her back facing me. She stood in an empty white room with no one around her. In front of her on the wall was a mirror with a black frame that appeared to be a vine of black, wilting roses. Her reflection was mimiced onto the glass of the mirror but beside her in the reflection was a tall, dark man with black hair and cat green eyes.
    "Still thinking about Mr. Mystery and Toto?" asked D.J. He was my guy-friend. No relationship there between us. He had a girlfriend, was a collage graduate, and an artist. He was a caring guy and knew about all my problems. He was the guy I could talk to for advice.
    "I am not." I lied, elbowing him in the stomach lightly. He gave a chuckle and walked back to his own work. "What's so funny?" I asked, slightly irritated.
    "You are. I know you keep thinking about that guy. That's just the girl you are." he said with a smile. I looked back at the portrait. He was right. I was that kind of person to think about weird things for a long time. It's just my nature. "Hey, it's alright kid. He'll show up sooner or later." said D.J, ruffling up my short fire-red hair. I rolled my eyes and got back to work.


    It was almost time to go home and no sign of Mr. Mystery. God, that guy was getting frustrating. I sighed again. 'At least I sold a few paintings for a big load today,' I thought happily. I grabbed my tote bag and slung it over my shoulder. "See you tomorrow D.J. I'm heading home for the night." I called out in the Studio.
    "Be safe on the way home." he called back. I smiled and nodded. I headed out as the sun was setting down and stretched out. I guess I was a little stiff from sitting all day. As I walked down to the cafe, I felt a presence behind me. I ignored it and kept walking towards the cafe. But, I quickened my pace. The presence didn't seem to leave. Although I was a little frightened, I didn't want to look back at the face of doom.


    After finally getting to the cafe, I settled a little. The presence now didn't seem so bad as it did before. I got a decaf-hazelnut coffee and sat down outside underneath the umbrellas. I leaned back and closed my eyes, embracing the warmth the coffee gave off and the same warmth of the day. 'This is nice and relaxing,' I thought peacfully smiling.
    When I opened my eyes again, the man from before was sitting in front of me. I nearly jumped out my skin. He sat there nonchalantly, head resting on his hands and eyes looking into mine. It was starting to get a little creepy. To lighten the mood, I started breaking the ice.
    "Um...hi there."
    "Are you okay?" he asked quickly. I hesitated but nodded slowly. "That's good." he said, looking off in a different direction. I put my feet on the ground again and relaxed a little bit. 'At least he's not some creepy raper guy.' I thought. If he had been, I was thankful for carrying a small pocketknife in my left pocket.
    "Hey, you know that Luzola guy...right?" asked the mysterious guy across from me. I nodded softly. He turned back to me and stared at me intently. "Stay away from him. He's not what he seems."
    "Tell me about it," I said, looking at my coffee cup. "The guy is way too suspicious and creeps the hell out of me. He looks like my Uncle Jemima...after he got out of prison." Silence driftted a moment and then a little laugh came from him. I looked up surprised but then smiled softly. "What's so funny?" I asked.
    "Your stranger than I was informed about." he laughed. Informed? About me? That was creepy. What other people I don't think exsist know about me? "But, that's not even half of why I'm here." he said sternly now.
    "Oh? Then, why are you here?" I asked. He stayed silent a moment then reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a black leather wallet. He flipped it open to reveal a silver badge and his photo I.D.

    "My name is Zeke Pattlekiller. I'm an Agent for a secret society.........in the year 3013."