• It all turns out that little Damien was not demon possessed, he was crazy, his hallucinations made him picture that everyone had a demon within them. breaking it down medically this was caused by a sickness called Vanishing Twins, it is suspect that as many as one in eight pregnancies start out as multiples, but only a single fetus is brought to full term, because the other has died very early in the pregnancy and not been detected or the other twin consumes the other making two separate minds in one.

    Chapter 1 the Exorcism

    His father quickly tied him down, struggling Damien resisted, but no use, his small body to his father’s, was no match.
    The candles in the room shimmered at the dull breeze coming in the wooden windows, the cows cried out in the dark pastures.
    The preacher insisted “we should hurry and secure him, if minutes pass and the way it’s going, the demon will take control of us all, and we have to get rid of it before all of this takes place.” The pastor stood with a blank look in his face staring at Damien while the boy’s father and his assistant tied the young lad up.
    Little Damien laid lifeless on the bed, staring in silence at the people surrounding him; the Pastor, his assistant, and Damien's parents.
    “In the name Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior get out of this little boy’s body, get out!”
    “I AM NOT DEMON POSSESSED; YOU ALL ARE THE ONES THAT HAVE CHANGED… [Whispering], do you really think that you will accomplish anything with this pastor?” whispered Damien
    -“I say, OUT!" Replied the priest
    Breathing heavily replies Damien "I'm not demon possessed, for the last time."
    A tear rolled down little Damien's cheek. He looks at his mother and says "Mom, mom please, tell them. Tell them to let me go, tell them mom." Tears filled the boy’s face, his mother resisting for his own good says nothing, the only thing she could do is sob.
    The preacher interrupts with “Shut up demon.”
    Now crying, Damien asked again “mom… if you don’t tell them they won’t let me go. Please mom, tell them to let me go, will you tell them?” Angie, Damien’s mother, slips to the ground crying,
    “Please let my son go.”
    -“No, we have to do what the priest says!” said Abraham, the father.
    -“can’t you see that he’s suffering?” retorted Angie

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