• Preface

    Shades of red and blue, one painting after another comes a small image toward my view, no matter where I am, or at it’s sometimes there. Always beautiful and colorful with a soft melody just like a lullaby that’s endless having no end for me.
    But there are times that some are sinister, dark, and frightful drawings making me end up screaming at the top of my lungs, with fear and agony wishing for death when ever I see those brutal paintings.
    There are images that I can never recall doing or felt it. Some are just fairy like, others are like a black hole. You never how deep it can be not until you come near it and at the same time it sucks you in toward it.
    But there is one thing that is in my mind that I can remember with out those images to guide me to it. I have it like a memory very distant from me but its still there, like a scar across my heart:
    I ran towards the back door of my house seeing that I would never make it. I felt my legs were use-less for the progress I tried to make, but I truly didn’t care. I forced myself to make it there feeling more pain on my back than ever before.
    Sweat creped from behind from my back, but it soon evaporated from the heat my back gave, making me gasp for air dropping on the ground like a rag doll. Panic over took me making me think of a logical explanation for this repulse of pain it slashed at me.
    Even when I considered to make a move at all it feels like I been whipped far to long, still gave me nothing plausible.
    Drops of crystal started to fall on top of my head easing some of my throbbing spine. That’s when an angel came toward me, kneeling down and picked me up from the ground. Slowly my mind becomes a haze putting me in a dark but sweet slumber making everything around me black leaving me unconscious in his arms that cradled me to sleep…

    Chapter 1

    I look up at the blue misty sky, wondering if I should get back to work, making me frown at the thought of it. I wasn’t precisely sure where I was. The air was thick pressing me down against the building, while I can feel the wind blowing at me roughly.
    My probable guess was the I was on top of a tall edifice. I could hear the thoughts of others that I didn’t listen to. I just let the sounds bounce off me. Meaningless. All of it was meaningless. My very existence was meaningless for me.
    With shallow thoughts that came at me again and again. I roll my eyes for they were all in the same page they have had: jealousy, war, worries, sadness, idiocy. Its always the same thought repeatedly.
    I can feel my ‘brother’ by the tips of my tongue near by, watching me I suppose, wondering what I’m doing right now. I can taste his aura, rich and bitter, filled with barely compassion. He’s the toughest among most of us with a great responsibility for his actions protecting the creatures that are underneath us.
    I didn’t turn toward my brother for motivation for him to come toward me, but I can hear him growl irritably of my slackness. I could feel myself shiver from the top of the crown of my head, down toward my toes. Trying to shake the feeling away.
    I can see the odd sky with its strange colors that swirled around the fluffy clouds. There was purple, orange with a slight red as the sun falls behind the horizon that awaits for it to fall with it.
    Little by little I can see the lights being lit one by one. As the flaming stars imitates the way the light is shown here. Dancing stars shine with brilliancy and beauty, each and everyone of them whisper goodnight to us like a gentle song that your mother sings to you when its time to sleep .
    But of course everyone ignores those patient melodies that come out of this lovely night.
    I close my eyes trying to concentrate to be calm myself before I lose myself control again, but somehow today wasn’t my kind of day.
    As my breath started to tremble from the annoyance I have made myself stay were I was. That’s when I hear foot steps coming toward me as I can feel my lips tremble.
    “What the hell do you think your doing?!” he growls as I shrugged at him.
    “you know your not suppose to slack off right now!” he came closer to me feeling his aura sour.
    “Bite me,” I whisper, setting him off feeling a hand on my neck pushing me firmly against the cold hard building. My teeth clench hard as I can making me stare at his cold eyes.
    “Let go of me!” I warned ready to throw him off me.
    “Then do your job!” he spits back with fury, he can sensed that I was about to throw him off with a strike but he moved swiftly away from me. Easing in an ordinary stride.
    “ if I catch you again I swear I’ll rip that smart tongue of yours.” shouting his back leaving me there.
    As he walks away from me I stare at him ruthful. Shaking my head back and forth trying to control the growls that came out of my lips. Till I started to feel with a bit of ease inside me.
    Little by little the anger was being washing away, till annoyance came to me, stronger by the minute. I took a deep breath till a familiar image came to me.
    I cover my ears as tight as I can, trying to clear my head away from those awful paintings I have stuck inside my head. I close my eyes once more and behind my lids was the image of me and someone else I never recognized before.
    I came close to him stroking his cold cheek, black hair, and lovely lips. I examine him carefully wondering why this painting is uncompleted. Seconds ticked by little by little realizing it too late, but that wasn’t the reason why I was biting my lower lip with excessive force from keeping me from screaming out loud.
    It was his cold dark eyes that never close, like a tunnel, you look at it and never find no end to it. No light to show its life to me for an instant.
    Desperation had me clawing the building tightly in my bear hands. While a strange gasping came rapidly. Little by little the strange drawing started to leak away from me.
    Holding my breath till I saw the last proportion of it till I see just darkness that laid behind my lids.
    I gasp loudly making me sit upward trying to control my fear. Wild cries came out of my lips, knowing if I was real I could cry like the humans, ‘The Production of Tears’ they call them.
    My horrible thoughts shout at me, realizing I was thinking like a human. Coming up with the most stupidest but healing thought to parish me forever.
    Before registering those thought to my system the sweet melodies came from the sky calling to me lovingly for me and the others a goodnight, repulse stroked me hard shaking the shouts away from me making me once more look up toward the dusk of twilight.
    The last few strays of light shone, while I waited for the end. So I rock myself gently memorizing the tunes of them all till I could hear myself breath once more.