• Kokoro ran into the village, she looked around completely lost. Then she decided since she could always see her "house" to look around.
    Hmmm...I wonder where I should go???Thought Kokoro.
    As she was completely lost day dreaming she bumped into someone.
    "I'm really sorry..."The person said. Kokoro took their hand and stood up.
    "It's O.K." Said Kokoro as she dusted herself off. Once she looked up she saw it was a boy about her age. There was something familiar about him that sparked her memories.
    She looked at his blue eyes and dark hair,"What's your name?" Kokoro asked.
    "My name is Hiroshi. What is yours?" Said the boy. All of a sudden Kokoro had a flash back...
    (Kokoro's Memories) "Kami! Get over here! You have to be a lot more stealthy than that!" "I'm sorry! Being in a family of..."
    Then Kokoro came back from her memories.
    "I'm Kami nice to meet you." They shook hands.