• You were the apple of my eye, but you gave me a lie

    I thought you were my soulmate but your only my schoolmate

    I thought you liked me but you chose her

    I thought you loved me but you lied to me

    I've treated you fairly but all you did was tease me

    I had liked you so much now I hate you

    I thought you'd choose me but you loved her

    You were so selfish so i slapped you with a catfish

    I will hate with all my life on what you did, If I'd love you now and forever then I'd be dead

    I would cry in a corner but you won't care instead you'll be hugging a pink teddybear

    I've liked you for a year now but all you do is ignore me

    I feel like your not the one for me

    Then one day you told me you love me, I said I'd love you too

    but then you'd be a pimp who loved three or two

    One day you told me you loved me forever, you asked me to be your only lover

    I agreed but the day after I saw him french kissing another woman

    You couldn't be trusted. I feel like a piece of metal , all worn out and rusted

    After that day I saw you at school walking near me

    I held out a knife on his throat I knew that he'd fear me

    his friends saw what I'm doing and said that they'd kill me

    They shot a gun at me but I stabbed him at the heart

    They all look so scared that they smell like fart