• I am Calix Nyx, an outsider. I look like no other person you have met. With white skin and black hair my green eyes are piercing. I live alone in the center of the woods. The house is Victorian and large for only me. I am a pessimist, I never think of the good that could happen. I have a power that is unbelievable. I am stronger, faster, and better looking than you.

    I have skin as white as the snow falling from the sky. When the sun shine’s down on my black messy curls they throw rainbows in every direction. My eyes are bright green outlined in a sparkling gold. When I smile a normal reaction is to hide your eyes or run, my canine teeth are extra sharp. I look in the mirror every morning and the first thing I see are two dots on my neck, the scar I gotten on my eighteenth birthday. My nose, ears and cheek bones are perfect. I have broad shoulders and muscular arms. My collar bone is very noticeable as are my long legs and fingers. I have a long torso and a six pack. I usually wear light colored t-shirts, my long sleeved tan jacket, tight blue jeans and a pair of Nike sneakers to school.

    I walk home everyday to a mansion of glass in the woods. There is also a garage with a silver Volvo and motorcycle in it. I own every CD imaginable. For my talent I can read minds. I am faster than a car and unbelievably strong. I only have two weaknesses, the smell of blood and mental shields. I mostly see the glass as half empty. My belief is that when turned into a vampire your soul is stolen and is destined for hell. I don’t like the “classic” books or skinny plastic blondes. I love baseball, mountain lions and cars, when I get a sports car I jump up and down like a little school girl. I have a musical voice and speak as if I was born one hundred years ago, which I was. I am a student at Forks High School. It is normal for me to miss many days of school for a hunting trip. When I walk by humans at school I mostly hear whispers and see eyes widen. I tend to not eat lunch at school. I go to a meadow in the center of the woods when I’m alone. The meadow is near my homes and I get there in seconds.

    I live in the center of the woods in a field of tall grass near a bubbling creek. My house is a Victorian style home with pale blue curtains in each window. The porch wraps around the whole house with one entrance on every side. The shingles are a brilliant pearl white. I walk up the marble steps to be instantly blinded, when my sight is back I walk through a silver door. The room has no inside walls and the south wall is only windows. I walk up each step carefully on the spiral staircase in the center of the room. The staircase left me standing in the center of my bedroom. The black rug under my feet was soft and fluffy. Behind me are the windows but now on the second floor. The left and north walls were painted emerald. The left wall has a black leather sofa and speaker on either side of it. Above was a thin oval frame with a gold nail in the center holding a necklace. The necklace has a gold chain holding a royal blue crescent moon with Nyx engraved on the back. The right wall has black shelves from bottom to top holding colorful CD's. One of the center shelves holds a stereo system. In front of me were two doors. One was a closet with a silver door hiding what was inside. The other was a locked gold door with a square window. Looking through the window I see a shining white piano with red roses. I unlock the door and sit down to play a wonderful melody.

    I am better looking than any human. In the sun my hair throws rainbows in every direction. I live in the woods so I’m near my food. I only drink animal blood never human. I never have anything good to say. I am a perfect character for horror movies. I love listening to music and hate fakes. I am Calix Nyx, a vampire.