• Hello. My name is Marryann Peredez. And this is the story of how I met my really weird friend Richard Crews.

    It all started when my parents went on they're third honeymoon. I was planing on being lazy all that morning and night by reading my book. Beacause I had to finish it in a couple of weeks.

    Okay here's how it goes. When my Mom and Dad left at 9:16am, I went into my room and layed on my bed. I looked up at my balcony window. My whole ceiling was just one big window.

    So here I am reading my book when my neck started hurting from it staying in the same position so long. So I looked up at the crystle clear, cloudless blue sky. I saw a bird really high fly in the air. It was really weird for a bird to fly alone, so I kept staring at it. Then suddenly I relized the bird was getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Until I suddenly relized that it was'nt a bird at all! I saw the outline of a human. And it was getting bigger by the second!!!

    I was sittng on my bed, frozen to the spot. What if he hit my ceiling window? There would be glass everywhere. And what about the person? I did'nt have time to think about it. Because i had to get out of the way!

    I droped my book and jumped out of my bed. And I was lucky to do so to, Because as soon as I did there was a huge crashing sound. I was sitting on the ground huddled with my hands over my face. Because glass went everywhere. I started shreiking when glass rained down on me.

    I looked over at my bed(what was left of it)and Relized that the person had landed on it. But it did'nt look like a soft landing. Because he fell so hard on my bed that the bed broke in half! My bed looked somewhat like a V to be honest.

    But what I worryed most was the person who broke my bed. I got up slowly. The teenage boy(which I found out when I got up)was moving around villently, as if he was choking or something. I soon later found out why. His neck had been slit by a knife. And by the looks of it he could barely breath!

    He was make gurgling sounds and clutching his throat. I had to find out what to do, and quick!!!

    May be another, maybe not. I need anough good ratings to see if I should carry on with this story.

    By: Minner1