• Fukai no Shiro
    (Forest of White)

    As I proceed with my life against time itself, I keep my steadfast and continue on. Then before me, the legendary forest of purity, the one place to cleanse the soul of evil, the Fukai no Shiro appeared before me like the skyline of Metro Central City. I came from one of the final ends, the Cavern of Screams, where I had fought my only true love, Shana. I had to use the darkness within me to destroy the very same evil the possessed her pure heart.
    As I entered through the gateway, I could hear the sound of the demons that lurked in the surrounding of the pool of souls. If I were to even come acrosss anything bigger than the soul collectors that were commonly sited around the forest, I would only have my sword. What would happen to me if I came across a powerful demon that picked up the sense of my aura? I had to be careful around here. And what would I do when I came to the guardians of the spirit who inhabited the lake. I wonder if I explained my situation and told them my reason for being there I could get to the spirit unharmed.
    Just then I heard an almost silent rustle. I knew now that I was not alone. I could smell the faint scent of blood in the wind coming from behind me. I turned to see what had been following me. I realized that the name spoke for itself. Fukai no Shiro was covered with a blanket of thick white fog. Then, it hit me like a tsunami breaking the shoreline. An amazing aura was coming closer. I became immobilized. I started going into shock. My heart pounding faster and faster. I thought to myself, am I going to die here? Did I come all this way just to get myself killed? Then, I felt something very awkward. There were two auras this time. As I started to lose hope, I knew now that the real challenge had come to find me. I jumped to the side as if my life depended on it. “What do you know, I thought it be you two, Enmu, Ame.” I said into the fog. “ Why are you here?” they said in unison. “Are you here to hurt nee-san”? I shook my head no to the now visible little sprites. “You’re lying you big meanie!” the two yelled. Enmu charged at me with her naginata while Ame shot me with her bow. “ You got it all wrong!” I said while dodging their assault. “I want to ask your big sister a favor.” They stopped almost immediately. “ What do you want to ask her?” they said curiously. So, I told them about my journey so far. “As if that were true.” They said harshly. “I bet you just want to ask her to marry you, you pervert!” they shouted. “I thought I just said I had to kill my love?” I shouted with annoyance. “Please, my life is running out here!” They thought for what it seemed like hours. Then I thought I of something. “How about when my journey is over I come back and give you two a present.” I said. “A present!” they exclaimed. “Deal, but you gotta pinky promise.” They said. “Deal.” So, we shook and I proceeded to the lake. When I got there, it was as if there was no fog to begin with. I yelled out, “Mizu!” Then out of nowhere a spout of water shot from the center. Soft music came from what sounded like a flute. “Who wishes to call upon me?” a voice emitted from somewhere. I responded with what my love’s final words were, “I, the host of the spirits of light and darkness.” Then from the geyser, a young feminine figure emerged. “I, Mizu, spirit of water asks what brings you here.” she said in a calm peaceful voice. “I come to have my spirits balanced so that I do not be consumed by darkness.” I said in a humble tone. “Who told you that so is possible?” she asked with concern. “My love, the holder of a piece of you, told me to come to you in her final hour.” “So, she’s dead?” “Yes.” “Who killed her?” Now she seemed very concerned. “I did to save her from the evil that has come over all of the dimensions.” I said trying to hold back tears. “I see you are suffering.” Fine I shall grant you your wish on one condition.” “What might that be?” I said very surprised. “Avenge your love.” I responded with tears and a nod. “Now, let the ritual begin.” She exclaimed. “Enmu, Ame, come her please.” “What is it nee-san?” they said. “It’s time.” They nodded in reply. Mizu started to chant. Lost souls of this world, heed my call. I ask of you all to replenish the aura that strives in this manifested cadaver. Now, UNITE! All of a sudden the souls that hovered over the lake created a stream and circled around me. I then went into a huddled position. The souls dispersed and shot back at my body. The fused within me as my body shimmered. I descended from the air and land softly on my feet. She nodded and I sprouted my wings and began to take off. “Don’t forget our promise young man.” She said before I lifted. “Ours too.” The two little sisters shouted out. I Nodded and took off. At that point I had only reached the beginning of the end of this tragic disaster.