• Chapter 11:

    Field Trip, yay! We’re going on a field trip to a special museum dedicated to mythical creatures. We were going to learn more about ourselves and about our history. However, all that we learned in that place was completely incorrect!!!

    “Now, look at these paintings of various fairies by famous artists; they’re mostly done for us to imagine how they must look like. Although fairies are beautiful and mystical, they are imagined to be small and not so intelligent for centuries...” The tour guide said, while we were laughing like crazy in the back of the group as Fairyboy’s mouth dropped to the floor.

    “Hey, I do not look that girly!!!” He protested when the group had moved on.

    “Eh... dude? Those are girls..!” Victoria said.

    Fairyboy: *looks at paintings again* Ooohhh!!!

    “Hey, there’s a boy fairy!” Felicity said, pointing at another painting.

    “Hey, we don’t look gay!” Edward protested.

    “Yes, you do...” I said, under my breath.

    “Oh my god! Is that a painting of a guy-fairy who looks like Fairyboy, kissing another guy?!” Charlotte said.

    “Ha ha..! Very funny..!” He said, sarcastically.

    “No really! It is!” Luna said.

    Fairyboy: *looks at painting* O.O Holy crap! That does look like me!

    “Now, take a look at these amazing and stunning sculptures of dragons. Dragons are magnificent and proud creatures, but they’re known to have small, peanut brains...” The guide explained.

    Sol and Tobi: *growl*

    “Next, vampires! Yes, they are extremely powerful and have amazing powers, but they are considered to look like nuns...”

    Wayne and Scarlet: *hiss* how dare she compare us to something so holy?!


    “Now, mages! They have great powers and they are very tricky and considered to be butt-ugly...”

    Luna and Victoria: *crack knuckles*


    “Werewolves; they are vicious, strong, violent, uncontrollable and they are considered to act more on instinct, not knowledge. That’s what separates us from those animals...”

    Jason and Jacob: -_-

    “The same thing happens with were-tigers, were-leopards, were-lions, etc.”

    “Gabriel, Felicity and Charlotte: *snarling*


    “Necromancers, or necromantress, have amazing powers that defy life and death, but they are supposed to be old and ugly zombie kings or queens...”

    Me: >.<


    “Angels are beautiful, stunning, pure and spiritual, but it is very hard to identify their gender since they’re supposed to not have one...”

    Raziel: o.O What?! So, that means I’m not a boy?! >.< *start to sharpen large sword to kill the guide*

    Back in school:

    “Don’t you guys think that we may have beaten up the guide a little too hard?” Luna said.

    “Hey, he was asking for it..!” I muttered, “Calling me ugly and old...”

    “At least we beat him up so bad that he got amnesia!” Victoria said.

    “I’m a good and smart were-tiger!” Felicity protested.


    Tobi: *sitting on an arm chair, wearing a suit with glasses and a notebook in hand* Now, tell me... what happened?

    Me: *lying down* Well, about 2 days ago, I had a traumatizing dream that I was... I was... doing it with Fairyboy!

    “Interesting... and how does that make you feel?” Tobi said.

    “Horrible! I mean, I dreamed that I was... I was... EWW!!!"

    “Yes, yes... keep going...” Tobi said, writing stuff down on the notebook.

    “I mean, I could care less about Fairyboy, but dreams are suppose to show people what they secretly desire so that means that I... EWW!!! Gross!”

    “Go on..!” Tobi scribbled on the notebook.

    “But, I think that Gabriel might have sent me that dream since he has that ability like Scarlet and maybe it was revenge. Thing is that not so long ago, Gabriel had accidentally bumped into Jacob while walking around the school yard and ended up on top of poor Jacob so Felicity, Charlotte and I decided to tease him by calling him ‘Gay-briel’. Jacob found it hilarious, but Gabriel wasn’t amused...” I explained.


    “Are you listening to me?” I said, snatching the notebook from his hands.

    I looked at the notebook and saw that there were ‘Brawl’ character drawings on it, instead of notes.

    Me: -_- Zombies! Sic him!

    “AAAHHH!!!” Tobi yelled while trying to get away from my zombies, “Help!!!”

    “Hey Tobi, I just found a zombie trying to destroy your Brawl game...” Gabriel said, coming inside the classroom.

    Random zombie: ^^

    “Oh no! Is it ok?!” Tobi asked.

    “Yeah, it was only attacking the box so I saved the disk...” Gabriel said.

    “Ok, thanks ‘Gay-briel’!” Tobi said.

    Gabriel: No pro-! -_- What did you just call me?

    “Nothing, nothing!” Tobi said.

    “Eleanor!!!” Gabriel screamed.

    Me: *gulp* Good... kitty..?

    Gabriel: *growls*

    Me: *scratches his head*

    Gabriel: ^^ Meow!

    Later on while I was sitting under a tree, the Ronaeles decided to appear to try to help me with my ‘problem’.

    “Now Eleanor, what’s the problem?” Good Ronaele said from my left shoulder.

    “I had another dream, but in this one I was... ‘doing’ Fairyboy, if you know what I mean...” I whispered.

    “Eww!!!” They said in union.

    “You’re not helping...”

    “But that’s so... eww!” Evil Ronaele said.

    “Well, how about you just forget about this, ignore it and it won’t bother you?” Good Ronaele suggested.

    “Maybe, but how?”

    “You just need to get distracted with something else...” Good Ronaele said.

    “Like what?”

    Then, as if by cue, Gabriel started to pass by me.

    “Oh look, it’s Gay-briel!” Evil Ronaele said.

    I just snickered, trying to hold back some hysterical laughter, but Gabriel noticed it anyway.

    “What are you laughing at?” He asked, curiously.

    “Oh, nothing!” I said, grinning.

    Then, Gabriel just rolled his eyes and walked away, but accidentally bumped into Jacob again, lying on top of him.

    “Look, Gay-briel strikes again!!!” Felicity said, popping in.

    Jacob: *anime tears* Why me?

    Gabriel: -_- I hate my life...

    “Alright guys, stop teasing poor Gabriel..!” I said, helping both Gabriel and Jacob up.

    “Why would you want that? Is it because Gabriel was actually your first kiss?” Charlotte teased.

    “What?! No!!!” I yelled.

    “What, don’t you remember?” Felicity leered.

    Me: >////< It was only a small kiss! Thing was that it was Gabriel’s 13th birthday party and since both our moms are friends, my mom made me kiss him!

    “Oh yeah, about 4 years ago..!” Gabriel smirked.

    “Hey, it meant nothing!” I yelled.

    “If I’m not mistaken, that ‘meaningless’ kiss ended up a complete French kiss..!” Luna said, popping up of nowhere.

    Jason and Edward: *pop up* O.O WHAT?!?!?! *glare at Gabriel*

    “It was only in the spur of the moment..!” I said.

    “Well, I guess we should stop calling you ‘Gay-briel’ now...” Felicity said.

    Gabriel: Thanks ^^

    “I said, ‘should’!”

    Gabriel: -_-

    “Well, there is a way that he could prove that he’s not gay..!” Wayne suggested.

    “How?” Gabriel asked.

    “Kiss Eleanor again..!” He said.

    Me: O.O * run away*

    Gabriel: -_-

    “Uh, guys? Why is Eleanor hiding while sucking her thumb again?” Victoria asked.

    “Poor Gay-briel!” Sol and Tobi said.

    Author's note:Well, this chapter didn't have anything important, just more randomness from the characters! XD I hope you liked it and remember to vote and comment! Comments make Gay-briel keep his nickname!!! Now, who doesn't like the nickname?!