• ~~~Rain and Secrets~~~

    "What happened?" I ask as I rush into the driveway toward the stretcher which held my dad's pale, bloodless face.
    "It's Dad, h-he just fell over!" Marissa explains.
    "People don't just fall over! Was he complaining about anything?"
    "Yeah he said his chest was hurting so he took some medicine and just froze standing, clutching his chest."
    "Well I'm going with him in the ambulance, I don't know 'bout you." I rush up to the ambulance and climb in.
    I can see his face, covered by a mask, that feeds him oxygen. The doctors are saying "Clear" together and using those machines that force a beat back into a heart. He loooks so helpless, and that's sad because he's always so strong. There's so much going on in this small space. The thoughts of his death fill my head, and its not a very pretty thing to think about. So many noises, so many voices, too much of it, my head's getting foggy. Black out.
    What is this? A silvery-white blank nothingness that I am laying in. I stand up and look, then run, straight ahead of me. A red bow swirls and twirls across my path when I start to slow. I follow, unwillingly, my legs moving by themsleves. Then a cliff, and I fall. I'm falling yet suspended in air not moving through the nothingness, but the feeling being there. A crimson-red color is the color that apppears almost instantly, and then a splash. Blood. Then, as I reach the surface, I see the night sky and then two, cold, jet black eyes staring straight through me. A grin appears below the smile, then a flash of white. I awaken to the foginess of the hospital waiting room.
    My eyes quickly adjust and I see that I'm not alone in the waiting room. An elderly man and what may be his grandson, a younger woman and her daughter or neice, and Marissa.
    "Marissa, your here? What time is it?"
    "Yes I'm here and it's 6:14"
    "What about Dad!? What happened to him?"
    "He's not in the best condition of his life, and the doctors don't expect any better."
    "Oh, well I need to tak a walk." I stand up and walk out of the waiting room.
    I walk past the hospital room where my dad is... It's just as Marissa said, bad condition. I turn and walk toward the main entrance. It's raining and the neon-red lights that spell out Myraim S. Glenmore: Memorial Hospital are beaming. I stroll a little more slowly as I reach the street corner and turn, then accidently walk into a puddle, which soaks half of my leg. I have my wallet. It's holding $200 and I'm hungry. Just a short walk from herre to the Petrouli's Bar & Grill. I go, ignoring the thunder and lightning and when I arrive, I seat myself. The waitress approaches me.
    "Welcome to Petrouli's, what can I get for you to drink?" She's shorter, has brown hair in a ponytail and her nametag reads 'Danielle'.
    "Just a rootbeer."
    "Alright It'll just be a minute." I use this opprotunity to check my cell phone. Over 20 new messages and 5 missed calls. I'll just check it later.
    "Here you are," she hands down the glass of rootbeer "What would you like for a main meal or appetizer?"
    "A 1/2lb. BBQ Burger served medium to well-done."
    "That'll be done in about 15-20 minutes." She walks away again.
    I look around at the other tables, and see a few people that I know. Jared, Kilian, and Alexander ( the football team) are sitting together making loads of noise. I look across to the other side and see Angelina, but, bad news, she sees me too. She almost looks enraged, like somehow I'd done something really rude. The weirdest thing though, is the steak she is eating. It looks like it could still have a pulse! I look back at her eyes and another piercing pain in my chest. She gets up, halfway done with her meal and walks out the door, leaving the bill and tip neatly folded on the table. Wonder what's wrong with her. I wait patiently for the next 10 minutes until the waitress finally comes around with the food.
    "Will this be all?" She asks
    "Yes, that's it."
    "Okay then just call for me if you need anything else."
    I eat and then Marissa comes in.
    "There you are, I had the whole town looking for you!"
    "Were you having fun with that?"
    "It's not the time to joke! Dad just came around and he said he wants to see you!"
    "That's great!"
    "Do you want a ride there?"
    "No, I'll pass, I enjoy the walk." I stand up and walk straight past her.
    The rain hasn't let up much, but the thunder and lightning passed. Thoughts about Angelina and Dad are swirling around in my head on my way to the hospital. I take the same route back to there, but on the way something really unpredictable happens. I see Angelina lying face-down on the side of the road, and a van speeding away.
    She doesnt move, no response whatsoever. I pick her up and start to run with her in my arms. She's pale and the rain is making her cold. Her body shivers every now and then, letting me know that shes alive. I see a small wound by her neck, something almost not noticiable unless one were so close. The rain pours harder and harder with each second. The thunder returns, booming louder than I've ever heard. I reach the gate of the hospital when I see Angelina's eyes open. She makes a large frown, but is too weak to talk. I run into the hospital, acting completely oblivious to the fact that there was a door in my way. Sideways, I barge myself in. Doctors rush to her aid as she opens her eyes. Marissa, again, walks to me.
    "What was all that about?"
    "Just a girl I found lying face-down on the street."
    "Are you joking? You don't know her?"
    "Well, um no." I lie.
    "Liar, I can see it in your eyes." She walks closer and whispers in my ear "I bet you like her don't you?"
    "Of course not!!" My face is beet red I'm assuming.
    "I knew it." She chuckles.
    "Just shut up..."
    I walk to my dad's room and he looks a bit better. More color to his face, and he's sitting straight up in his bed. The television is on and he isn't paying much attention to me.
    "Dad?" I call to him.
    "Joseph! Glad to see that you're here!" His voice is still weak.
    "Yeah Dad, I'm right here." I notice that he isn't looking directly at me, but past me, as if I'm not there.
    "Your Dad just took a little fall, nothing he can't work himself out of." He half smiles then coughs. He's still so weak, I can't stand it.
    "Hey, I need to go do something, I'll be back soon, just tell Marissa to find me."
    "Ok son." He lies back into his bed and closes his eyes.
    I walk out the door and tell Marissa I'm going to check on Angelina. When I get to the receptionist, I see Angelina standing straight up with some man. He looks a lot like her, most likely her father. He has gray hair slicked back with gel, a darker blue eye color, and is dressed in a black suit with a red inner color, black vest and white dress shirt. He's tall too.
    "Angelina, you're alright!"
    "Yes," She replys "Thank you."
    "A friend of yours Angelina?" He asks.
    "No, I hardly even know him, but he carried me to the hospital after I almost got taken by a group of men in a van. Seeing him must've spooked them so they left me there." She explains.
    "Really?" He asks then puts a hand to his head "Angelina you should be more careful!"
    "Yes I know, I'm sorry father. And Joseph, your name is Joseph right?"
    "That's me."
    "Well, thank you, if it wasn't for you, I probably would've been tied up in a basement right now."
    "There's no problem." I say, with my head looking down. I look back up at her eyes and they seem less filled with hate.
    "Well, I need to go now so good-bye Joseph." She waves then rushes out, her father trailing behind.
    I wave and turn away, then look around and see Marissa by Dad's room, talking to a doctor. I guess my dad has to stay at the hospital over night. The light is off in his room and so is his T.V. I look at my cell phone and the time is already about 8:40. I wonder what's really wrong with Dad, and how long he'll be stuck in the hospital. All the people in the waiting room are gone and there are still the occasional emergency room patients getting rushed in. Marissa is motioning for me to follow her out the exit, I guess it's time to leave.
    The rain is letting up and I get into my sister's mini-van. It's cramped, silver, and almost embarassing to be caught driving around in. I see her CD's scattered around the van. I take out my cell phone amd check the messages. Just some of the other kids in my grade wondering what happened in the fight... That's getting really old. The calls were from Tommy mostly, then there was one phone number that I didnt recognize, so I decide to look at my voice mailbox.
    The message plays "Joseph, this is either a powerful friend or a powerful foe depending on your choices. You ARE in danger. Now listen carefully, go to Swans Memorial Park at midnight tonight and a man with a suitcase will be sitting at a bench. When he asks you the question 'What time is it?' reply by saying 'Nightfall.' He will then walk away, follow him until you reach a dead tree. When at the dead tree, kick the biggest root you see and it will break. A red and black necklace will become noticeable, wear it. Then head back to your house and I will send you a new message. DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE!." It clicks and the message is over.
    "What was that about?" Marissa asks.
    "Were you listening?"
    "I didn't hear anything but you look spooked." Of course I'm spooked, if you got a message like that wouldn't you be scared?
    "Oh, it's nothing."
    "Well, whatever it is, you'll get over it." She smiles and gives me a playful punch.
    The rest of the ride is incredibley boring. I played my MP3 player and basically stared at the road for 40 minutes. The rain gets harder again as we pull into the drive-way. I walk casually as normal and Marissa rushes to the door. She goes into the living room and turns on the T.V. and I head up to my room. The clock reads 9:24, still about two and a half hours before I leave, I just hope Marissa is asleep.
    The hours just fly by and when I look at the clock again it's twenty-five minutes until midnight. I'm lying on my bed drawing, just a random person. The room is faintly lit and the night is completely dark, and, no more rain. I sneak over to my door and open it, just enough to see if Marissa is asleep yet. Her bedroom is right across from mine, and she is sleeping. I lock the door and check my pockets for my cell phone. I have it. I walk towards my window and open it just enough to fit myself through. I climb out and drop, but I'm not hurt at all.
    I walk down my deserted street, only lit by a few street lights. The houses are dead silent, other than the occasional video game freak's house. I kept my pace until I reached the park. It too was overall dark. I search for a bench and think of the ones by the fountain and head towards them. Almost immediately, I see a bald man's gleaming scalp.
    When I reach him, he asks as according to the message " What time is it?"
    "Nightfall." I reply quickly.
    He stands and walks down a strange path. He stops at a dead tree, as in the message, then turns and walks away. I kick the biggest root, but nothing breaks open. What is this? Instead a body attatched to ropes falls in front of me. There are bite marks in the neck.
    "WHAT TH-"
    "Shhhhh! Keep quiet!" A voice from the dark hisses.
    "Who are you, and what is this!?"
    "Like I said in the message, either a powerful friend, or a powerful foe, your choice." The voice's body comes into view. He's slightly taller than me and has long black hair with a white streak in the front. His eyes seem to change with his movements, from yellow to green. "Todd Revlis is my name Joseph, in case you were wondering."
    "How did you know my name?"
    "You have an affection to the new one at Swansboro High don't you?"
    "New what?"
    "The vampire girl!"
    "Vampire girl? Do you mean Angelina? She isn't a vampire!"
    "Your love for her blinds you from the truth... How weak..."
    "What are you talking about!?"
    "Just be warned that you being in contact with them is making them act unlike they would normally, as I have the same affect." He took at small dagger out of his pocket and sliced the ropes in one slash, then walked away. Then, dogs from nowhere swarmed in and ran off with body toward Todd.
    How odd... Angelina, a vampire? Impossible. Todd seemed pretty assured on what he was talking about though. And the bites on the neck to that body, wait, wasn't that the boy who was bitten a day or two ago? Yes... I'm sure of it, that was! How in the world did he get ahold of that body!? Come to think of it, Angelina did show up the day I heard of the 'attack'.
    I start walking back to the house. I take a different route to get my head all straightened out. I can't get my mind off of all of that. He's just one guy though, maybe I'm just over dramatizing everything. I just need to calm down. I keep at a faster pace when I look behind me only to see a shadowy figure in a black trenchcoat. He's following just as fast as I'm walking. I take a few random streets trying to lose him but he doesn't let up, almost like a dog following a scent. Then, a dead end. There are two more now closing in on me from different directions.
    "Should we do it now?" I hear a girl say.
    "I should get a taste first!" The obvious male exclaims. He starts toward me and pulls down the hood he was wearing. It's Tyler!
    "Tyler what are you doing!?" I yell.
    "Quiet, you don't want to wake the street do you?" He whispers.
    I back away. He rushes in, and instantly, the third one flies in and uts her arms out. Her hood falls back as Tyler rams into her, though she holds her ground. It's Angelina!
    "GO!" She yells, but I can't move. My legs are extremely weak. Instead, I fall over and my eyes shut.
    When I open them again, I'm in my room, the light on and my door locked. The drawing exactly where I left it, and the window open, as if I was placed on my bed while doing all that happened. Was it all a dream? No, that was way too real to be any dream I could possibley imagine. But then, how could I have gotten back here without any memory. The time is 1:37A.M., I should probably get some sleep before school tomorrow.