• Chapter 1
    Our story starts in a faraway kingdom.This kingdom was joyfullest of all kingdoms. A dark, cruel and, evil witch killed the king of this once joyous kingdom. The forest around the kingdom slowly died. The people of the kingdom lost their hope, faith, and happiness. The witch ruled the kingdom and the the people of the kingdom cowered in fear. The wind howls the witches name and the witches name was Morgan. She was feared by all. After seven years she was still in power. One day a child was born. The child was name Lilla. When Lilla turned 16 years old she was beautiful even more beautiful than the witch. The witch was in a room and the witch walked up to a huge crystal ball. The witch looked at the ball and said " show the child that is more beautiful in this kingdom" the ball showed a image of Lilla. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Morgan was angry about Lilla being beautiful than her. Morgan walked out of the room and ordered a assassin to kill the girl. The next day the assassin sent a pack wolves to kill Lilla. Lilla was sitting in a field of flowers. The wolves came upon the field and they growled. Lilla listen to the growling. She turned and saw the wolves. Lilla slowly stands up. She was breathing heavily. She froze there like a statue made of stone. She ran in fear. The wolves chased her. While running she tried to scream but she couldn't. She out ran the wolves and she ran into a town. She saw hope faith and happiness in the town. She wondered in the town. She was very tired and weak from running from the wolves. She stumbled in an ally were she passed out.