• I woke up in the morning, cold, and hurt. There was something bad last night. All I remember was people fighting, 14 pitbulls, a little girl, and my parents.
    "Lee, Lee are you awake?" I heard.
    I lifted my head, and saw my best friend, Cassie, in my room. She was looking over me, with a worried face. I tried getting up to face her, but she shoved me back down.
    "No, you've had a lot of exitment already," Cassie sighed.
    "What happened?" I asked.
    "We were at the Panic! At The Disco concert last night. You took a bad fall down some stairs at the end of the concert, and then flew into an elevator," Cassie explained.
    "What? How?" I asked.
    "Shut up and lay down."

    Cassie handed me a tray of eggs, toast, bacon, and juice. Her look said, "Eat, you nede to." I started shoving the food down my throat. Cassie shook her head, 'no,' and took the tray away.

    "Eat slowly," she orderd.
    "Fine, but give me my food back," I smirked.
    Cassie handed me the tray back. "Okay, but be careful. I have to go to work now, so stay in bed."
    "Sense when are you incharge of me?" I wondered.
    "For now... I am. Just... stay here."
    "Okay, but get me something from Hot Topic," I pleaded.
    Cassie rolled her eyes. "I don't think my boss will let me get free stuff, but I'll try," Cassie said as she left the room.

    Melanie works at Hot Topic, her favorite store. I heard her car leave, and I jumped out of bed. I had cutts all over. Ow, I thought. I ran into the kitchen, and took out some milk. I took out a cup, and set the milk and cup on the table. I turned around to use the bathroom. I heard something poaring. I turned my head, and the milk was poaring itself.

    "Huh?" I walked over, and grabbed the milk. It stopped.