• One Month Later...Bensen High!!!
    Homecoming Crisis! pt1~

    Around a month has past and still no chemistry between our 2 main characters. Unless you count the occasional "Nice weather we're having." conversations as chemistry. -sigh- Anyway Homecoming is right around the corner for all at Bensen High. Will Haturo get a date? Wait, why am I asking you all this? I'm the writer! Gah!! Nevermind! Let's begin!

    Haturo's whole "High school is sooo cool!" mood has eroded away and now Haturo HATES to get up in the mornings, but strangely the thought of seeing Hitske drags her out of her bed. -wink wink- As soon as Haturo walked into school she was greeted by cheerleaders and a few other, way to happy to be in school, people handing her flyers that read, 'Homecoming is next Friday! Don't miss it!!' Haturo folded up the paper and slid it into the front pocket of her school bag. Haturo walked into her first class and saw Hitske, who appeared to be anxiously waiting for Haturo to walk in. Haturo sat down in her usual seat and began writing down the notes the teacher had written on the black board. Around halfway into the class, a neatly folded peice of paper was placed on Haturo's desk by a passing guy. Haturo cautiously opened it and inside the note read "Meet me for homecoming next Friday in this room. -Secret Admirer"
    Haturo looked up to se if she could spot this so called Secret Admirer, but with no such luck. Afetr a few seconds of thought Haturo came to the conclusion the Hitske wrote her the note. Haturo smiled cutely and continued to carry out her class duties until the end. After class Haturo waited outside the class for Hitske to walk out and when he did Haturo held the note infront of his face. "What is this?" Haturo asked. "Uh, a note?" Hitske guessed. Haturo got a little agitated, "Don't be all koi on me, why did you invite me to go to homecoming with you?" "Uhm I didn't, I don't even like dances!" "You're lying and you know it!" Haturo yelled. "Why are you getting so upset over something that I didn't do?!" Hitske yelled back. "Because you DID...admit it!! You want to take me to Homecoming!!!" Haturo yelled with an evil smile. "I HATE DANCES!! AND EVEN IF I DIDN'T, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I WOULD TAKE AN ANNOYING b***h LIKE YOU ANYWAY?!?!" Hitske screamed at Haturo and stormed away. Haturo's smile quickly turned into a frown. Haturo turned around walked towards her nest class with tiny beads of tears creeping out of her eyes and down her face. Hitske paused after walking for a while and got angry at himself for blowing up at Haturo like that. He slammed his fist into a nearby locker, making a dent, and continued to the gymnasium for Gym class.

    Oh no! The first crease in the fabric of Haturo and Hitske's "relationship" has just formed! Will they make it through? (There I go again asking you questions I already know the answer to!x[) Anyway, find out in the next issue of Ice Breakers!

    To Be Contined...