• Dawn, as beautiful as it is, it brings horrors upon the horizon. Great, hairy horrors that howl at the moon during the night yet speak as respectively as humans during the day. Twilight, as beautiful as it is, it brings evil upon the boughs of the night. Terrifying, pale silken figures that storm villages at their time, their skin, as gorgeously pale as it is, burns to a crisp if they venture out into the light of their sun. Dawn and Twilight will once again meet, maybe against each other in a petty battle, or maybe as allies in a war much larger than any could imagine. 1500-year-old Cassandra believed this like the fantasy that she would meet once again with the ruler of the Werewolves. She longed for her eyes to roll and meet his gaze, to hold him once more. It was impossible for her to venture out to travel to him with such harsh sunlight streaming everywhere. Yet she still longed for him. A Twilight Dawn will happen, she thought cheerily to herself. Cassandra rolled over in her bed, large enough to fit five more people in. She sighed and curled up, her thin bedclothes allowing no heat to be kept in close to her already frozen skin. Cassandra felt no pain; she felt neither the heat nor the cold. All she could feel was this empty void in her heart where her love once sat; embedded forever until the day he forgot about her. She closed her eyes, trying to get to sleep, but it was no good. Cassandra shifted her skinny body out of bed and over to her chamber doors, picking up her bathrobe and slipping on her slippers as she went. She went into a door right on the outside of her chamber door and went through it. The room was designed to be like a ward, where Cassandra’s only undead relative lay, asleep from many tranquilliser injections. Cassandra sat down in the chair next to the crisp, white bed, placing her hand upon the one of her relative. Cassandra looked into the closed, flickering eyes of her cousin, finding herself talking to the sleeping body.
    ‘Dearest cousin, I don’t know what to do. I’m madly in love, and this is not a feeling that I would normally feel. I would gladly give my heart to him, if only he was here,’ she told the person. The eyes twitched more violently. Cassandra saw the lips of her dearest cousin move as though she was in a stressful environment. Cassandra stood up and left, a shadow in the corner moving to become a nurse, clothed in black with red interlinking circles upon the uniform shirt. Cassandra smiled to the nurse and left her to do her job of calming the patient. She had a feeling that her cousin will be awake with no pain in a few days time. Instead of returning to bed, like she would have done, Cassandra wandered the meandering tunnels, which she called her home as well as the Underground Stronghold. She tied the belt of the bathrobe tighter around herself as she eased out of her family’s wing and out into the main hall.
    ‘Good evening,’ she briskly smiled to the two guards who were stood at the entrance to the wing. They saluted back, unemotionally, which made Cassandra raise an eyebrow. How long has this been going on for? Centuries? It needs to change, Cassandra thought as she walked to the mapping room, finding time to look at the maps of the area’s surrounding her Stronghold so that she could memorise the topography, giving her more advantage if there was any war.
    She bent over a certain map, from a long time ago, when her network of caverns somehow twisted to the north of the land, near to where the mountains scratched the skies. A tear sprung to her eye. This part of the world, this very ancient, most protected area where she once held the gaze of her love by the light of the moon.