• From the previous chapter the badger left and the fox fell in love with the prince who lived all alone. During one of her strolls through the forest the fox came upon two demons of the Yin Yang master plotting to kill the Prince.

    Before they spoke the stopped.
    "Isssss it possible that we're being watched?" one of them asked.
    The fox laid flat down on the grass and held her breath as one of the demons rose up.
    "All i sssee is nothing but a fox corpsse" he hissed. "Let's hurry on and tell ussss your plan"
    A fly landed on the fox's nose. Daring not to give away her position she held back her sneeze.
    "Alright then" the leader said. "The prince lived too long in his castle and now must die to be earned by our lord and master...are you sure that we aren't being watched?"
    "Hmmph! Who'll be listining? That dead fox?" one said impaitently. "Continue, how will we kill him?"
    "I've got that all ready planned out" said an elder demon in a deep voice. "The boy will have three dreams on three nights. One the first night he'll dream of a key, on the second night he'll dream of a box, then on the final night he'll dream that he is opening the box...at that moment he will leave everything behind"
    "And are you sure that there is no way to escape his fate?" one asked.
    The fox listened closely.
    "No, but there is one way"


    By time morning broke the fox rushed back to her den as fast as her four feet could carry her. Entangled in the roots that hangs above her den was a golden ruby eyed dragon that seemed to glow. It was her most presious treasure. Quickly she gnawed off the roots and carried the small statue to the cliff where offering to the gods were made. The ocean below roared fersiouly like a tiger.
    "O' great gods of the heavens I give you my treasure in exchange for help" when she said that she tossed the dragon into the roaring ocean. "Please grant me a dream that would save the prince from opening the box on the thrid and final day"
    With that said she ran down to her den and went to sleep.
    She awoke in her dream and to behold her was a giant black dragon with pale white eyes. The fox climbed down and bowed.
    "Rise up child there is no need to be formal" the dragon boomed. "You made a great sacrifice giving up your treasure"
    "Was the statue yours?" the fox asked.
    "No but it did belong to a dear friend of mine who had lost it" The dragon said. "Now speak your being of here"
    "Oh please honorable one i ask of you to help me from keeping the young prince from falling victim to opening the box on the final day" the fox begged.
    The great dragon was silent for a moment after listening to her story.
    "I can not," the dragon said downwardly. "Dreams are created and are a thing that acts on its own. I am sorry child but there is no other way unless..."
    The dragon looked to the east followed by the fox. In the distant was a herd of rino like creatures feasting off the land.
    "What are those?" the fox asked.
    "They're called Baku, the dream eaters" the dragon replied. "When a dreamer wakes in the middle of a dream it is a sign of ill omen from a Baku"
    The fox thought for a moment. "So if one were to catch a Baku what then?"
    The dragon knew exactly what the fox was thinking and thrusts his head so that she may look at his eyes.
    "Baku are crafty creatures," he roared in order for her to understand. "They're hard to catch and hard to fool"
    "I'm a fox," she said pointing to herself. "I'm also a crafty"
    The dragon asked her why she was willing to throw down her life for the prince. Immedantly she gave him her answer.
    "Mmmmm, a fox and a human?" the dragon questioned. "Those kinds of relationships don't last for long"
    The fox bowed down her head in shame fearing that the dragon might be right. Soon the dragon started walking away.
    "Very well, you'll have three days to catch at least one Baku" the dragon said. At that instant the dragon's body became the night sky and his eye became the moon and the scales were the stars. "Now awake my child and begin your quest"
    Finally the Fox woke up.