• Chapter 6: The office

    A food fight had started and I was ducking along with Skye and Marnie underneath our lunch table. The doors suddenly FLUNG open "WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE!!!!!" Mrs. Byuglemar yelled. Everything felt as though it had frozen in time. She suddenly glanced over at Tiffany who had noodles on her shirt and red meat sauce smeared into her shirt good, then she glanced over at me with the strawberry lowfat smoothie the Tiffany had so kindly poured on my light brown hair. "Tiffany, Stephanie, come with me now." she said in a sort of ticked off voice.
    I plopped my self right into one of her chairs, and Tiffany sat down daintily taking out her pocket mirror noticing the wet noodle hanging from her blond bangs. "Now girls what the heck whent on in there?" She said. "I don't know, Stephanie went all crazy and dumped her spaghetti on me, I'm always a kind girl and have never bothered Stephanie." Tiffany said in a sweet voice.
    "OH FESS UP! She's playing the victim, a part she's not meant to play that lying, lowlife, evil little......" "WOAH WOAH WOAH STEPHANIE! Relax" Ms.Byuglemar exclaimed, "Maybe you should apoligize for dumping your spaghetti onto her." "m-m-m-m-me APOLIGIZE to Tiffany! I don't believe I ever heard the words me and Apologive and Tiffany in the SAME SENTENCE!
    She should be apoligizing to ME!" I said my face feeling hot. Tiffany was really angry now, she laughed "Me apoligize to YOU! what the heck you little BRAT!" "Who you calling brat!"
    "GIRLS!!!!!!" I looked over at Tiffany, she was glaring over at me. "Girls I have an idea for the both of you, involving your punishment, For one day you shall see what it's like to be in each others shoes, I know about the Dairy girls, so I want to see if this excersize works. "ME BE TIFFANY!" "ME BE STEPHANIE!" " yes" she said. Switch places. Tiffany's face was red as a tomato and she had a sour expression on.

    Chapter 7: Swap lives

    The idea seemed crazy and I wasn't wanting to do it, but I had to. We changed our outfits and mrs. Byuglemar informed our friends and family. I came out of the room acting like a total brat to show her what it looked like being her. She came out like she was a total cry baby. I ran over to her friends "Hi BFF'S! Let's go pick on Stephanie!" They stared at me like I had just gotten out of the crazy bin. But we did. "HA HA HA Stephanie! you little nerd! Oh my god." "omg you are SO ugly!" one of "my" followers said. Then we started to Gossip.