• I sat in my room on a Saturday morning, listening to a small humming sound. "About time you got here Grandpa!!" I giggled, smiling at the grinning old man's spirit.

    "Now now Jackie. You know it takes awhile for me to get here...Plus....I've brought a friend." My grandfather smiled at me, stepping to the side. There was a boy, about my age, maybe one year older.

    I gasped at his beautiful face, my face flushed a crimson color, and I could hear the boy chuckled lightly with delight. Oh, it sounded like music to my ears to hear him laugh! I smiled at him kindly. "Hi, I'm-" I stopped in the middle of my sentence as the boy laughed once, smiling at me still.

    It looked like he was blushing at well, and I giggled lightly with my own delight. "I know who you are...Every dead spirit knows! You're Jackie Moore." The boy murmured, smiling at me. But his gaze soon turned to my grandfathers and I blinked. Grandfather nodded.

    "I gotta go, Jackie. Cody will stay here with you." Grandpa smiled at me. Crossing the distance quickly and kissed my forehead lightly, of course he's dead yes, but I can still feel a dead spirits touch. As Grandpa disappeared I waved to him, smiling widely too.

    I returned my gaze to the beautiful spirit boy, but gasped. He was gone! I looked around the room, gasping again but jumping backwards, towards the wall. "How did you--?!?!" I felt his finger press lightly to my lips, my face flushed at his cold touch, but it felt like there was fire under it.

    "I'm dead...Remember?" He murmured. I moved from my spot, more towards the end of my bed while he sat on the other end. I just sat there, my legs crossed, asking him question after question. Cody just laughed lightly at the silly ones and I smiled at his mucisal laughter.

    "How did you....Die?" I murmured, looking down. I could see that Cody winced, and it was silent for a long time. It was infact to quiet. Had Cody left me alone?! I winced in my own fears, afread that I may have hurt his feelings. I looked up, but with my suprise. Cody was still there! I soon smiled, but he didn't smile back. His face was more dark, no sign of emotion at all, almost like a statue. But soon his lips parted and he breathed out a sigh.

    "I died....Back in 1919. I was very ill, my body couldn't help me with what I had been sick with. So I died four weeks later." Cody murmured, his voice showed no sign of emotion.

    I winced again. "What...A horrible way to die." I whispered, and I saw the boys nod. I looked back up at him, and gasped as I saw tears running down his cheeks. Without even thinking, I jumped towards him, wrapping my arms around him. But they just went threw his body, and I ended up hugging myself. "Why can't I hug you like I can grandpa?" I murmured, leaning back away from him, his face was turned away from me. Trying to hide something.

    "Because I don't want to stay here anymore...I want to be with my family." He murmured. I gasped, my eyes widened. Cody gone?!?!

    "No! I don't want you to leave me!!" I yelled my voice sounded hoarse. I gasped, placing my hands over my mouth. I could see Cody's body stiffen. I flinched away from him, curling up in the corner of my bed. Cody just kept looking at me with emotionless eyes.

    It was quiet for the rest of the time. Until Cody broke it again. "There....There is a way...For me to stay." Cody murmured, looking at me with a pained look. "I could take over someone's body...But I just can't find the strangth in me to do so." Cody whispered. I gasped, my jaw dropping as well.

    "Can you please stay....You're my only friend." I whispered, flinching at my own words. It was true, I was the freak of school, the misfit. I looked towards Cody, his eyes were closed, but he had a halfhearted smile on his pale lips.

    "But if I do stay...Promise you'll stay with me." He murmured, smiling at me. He must have moved, because now he was just inches away from my face. I grinned from ear to ear, nodding helplessly.

    "Of course!" I was still grinning. Cody just smiled at him.

    "Good...." He murmured, his cold lips pressing to my forehead. I gasped looking at him with wide eyes.

    "I thought I couldn't touch you!!" I almost shrieked, Cody just chuckled lightly shaking his head.

    "I changed my mind about leaving...Remember...?...Unless...You don't want me to stay here....anymore." Cody flinched, as did I. I just shook my head. Looking at him, I could start to feel tears pooling in my eyes but I held them back.

    "Of course, I want you to stay...I always will." I murmured, my heart raised with how close he was to me.

    "Alright...I'll stay." Cody murmured, his lips soon pressing to mine. I smiled, my heart fluttered. He soon pulled away smiling brightly at me, and I did the same. But my face wasn't a sick pale, it was more of an ivory pale, but now it was covered in a light crimson, all because of this boy. We continued to smile at each other, not even knowing that my grandpa had returned.

    "Did I miss something?" He chuckled lightly, smiling at the both of us.

    We just simply turned out heads to him, still smiling. Cody and I nodded together, the looked back at each other, then back to my grandfather. "Yes." I giggled, smiling at Cody. Cody grinned at my laughed, kissing my forehead once more. Now I knew how it felt when you gave someone your heart.