• We're too far in...
    come on, give them a chance.
    I'd rather shoot your head off right now, you know that?
    Yeah, love you too.

    What are you doing?
    There's no hope in this...
    shut up, that's not much we can face when we're doomed, you know.
    Then why are we still running?
    How rude of you...

    Who CARES about rude anymore?
    We're running for our lives--so what if this is just another dream?
    Is it a dream?

    God, I sure hope so.
    Maybe he'll come and save us...
    and they'll finally stop shooting at us.
    You make it sound like you WANT to be killed.

    Hey, anything beats running from those guys.
    True...but wouldn't that be lying?
    As far as I'm concerned, you're just rambling.

    Ha! What is there left to ramble upon? Whether I'm upset or not?
    No, but apparently you can find something wrong about everything.
    Any comment about what's going on right now?
    Shut up.

    We continue running, but what can stop the inevitable?
    And all we do now is think; have I lived my life to my own way?
    Am I ready to die now?

    Of course not.
    It's only humanly instinct.
    But thrown into the dark so abruptly--
    the weight of our world cries hopeless out to us.

    And our punishment is that we can do naught about it.
    Isn't that the punishment worse than death?
    Knowing you caused it upon others--
    and knowing it all along, continued still?

    How would that feel...
    if you gave up so quickly yourself;
    like a wind to the rain,
    would that ease your own pain?

    You're getting too deep--
    I'd rather stick to my shallow lies,
    like little puddles.
    So swim in your own sea...
    and I'll sit here
    happy as can be.