• biggrin Chapter 2 biggrin

    "uh ok" ayame replied "listen, it seems youve been late to class frequently, im afraid its my duty to give you a ticket!" haru said ayame notised the hall monitor badge haru was holding "what?! were in 8th grade!!!! we shouldent have a hall monitor!!!!!!!!!!!!" all of a sudden a clown came running out of her classroom next thing she knew there was a skiny woman waering a mans suite running after the clown with a piece of meat. haru chased after them quickly. all of a sudden ayame was running and she came to a cliff edge "what?!" she started to fall she was almost to the gound and......"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" ayame screamed as she woke up "huh? ayako, what are you doing up? this late?" ayame asked her twin ayako. "what does it look like im watching tv! duh!"ayako replied "don't get cocky! why are you so grumpy anyways?" ayame asked "cuz i couldent get sleep either, have the dream with the hall monitor haru ? and the clif?" ayako asked. "yes ayame" ayame replied