• Hinata sat on the floor of her room,crying,for she had lost Naruto,he was dead, the 9-tail fox taken only 1/4 out of him (not even) and he died. She sat,not going to turn on the light.She didnt care.

    "Mom,if it's you, GO AWAY!And dont turn o the light!"
    The person turned it on anyways.It wasn't Hinata's mother.No,this guy had golden blond hair, bringing disgrace to the sun and his blue eyes, beating all the clouds in the sky,even the sky itself.

    Naruto nodded and Hinata ran to him,crying and hugging him, embracing him, and he lifted her head.
    "Hinata, i'm not dead, i was in a coma."
    She smiled and he placed his lips on her tear-wet lips,and they stood there,in her room,hugging and kissing for five minutes.
    "Naruto,im so glad your ok"
    "I'll only die with you,Hinata."

    She started to cry again,and they sat on her bed,with Hinata on his lap.He stroked and carresed her,when her window broke open as Shikamaru, Neji, Tenten,Sakura, and Choji stepped in.Naruto got taken by surprise by a hug by all of them, and Sakura seeming somewhat mad...
    "Naruto,weren't you dead?"Shikamaru said,wiping his eyes.
    "No,but in a coma and now you-know-who is mad at me."
    "you mean the fox?"
    He nodded.