• I walked home with pride, I had gotten a job! This meant there could be food and electricity (I really didn't need light of heat but the fridge had to be kept cool.) I walked inside a dark house and my mood faded away. Yes I had a job, but it didn't start till tomorrow. I felt so stupid for believing that every thing would just work instantly. I stomped on the floor and crossed my arms. I kept in this stance for quite a long time. Then after about twenty minutes I flew my arms up and brought them back to my side.
    The second my arms fell down twelve candelas. Each flame had a different colors. They each had a symbol on the wax. I turned around and saw each flame's glow. Then I saw I was in the center of the light. I started walking towards the red flame. I closed my eyes and heard and felt a bond fire right in front of me. I opened my eyes and only saw the red flame, It comfort me and my inside was warm. I walked to the blue flam and closed my eyes, I could smell and hear the waves of the ocean. I opened my eyes and felt fresh. I did this to all twelve flames . There was four elements, fire, water, wind and earth. There was light and darkness. There was two mythical creatures and two animals. The creatures were dark elf and dark angel and the animals were night creatures and day creatures. Then there was two feelings that both brought me pain, anger and the truth. Each flame give me a new strength and fear. The truth was the worst.
    After the powers had settled and I was strong enough to walk I ran out side. I started walking towards the park. On the way I thought about had just happened. I knew that I had a few new powers, but not knowing what they did could kill me. Before I would practice them with the Protector. He would know what each ability did and how to control it . Thinking about him made my eyes start to fill with tears. I should be happy for him he was home, but I missed him and did need him.
    I ran to the park and ran into the forest. I made sure I was deep in the brush before I started to cry. I fell down on the ground. I had made it this far with out him, but I might not really need his protection outside, but i need him there to help inside. His face was all I could see when I closed my eyes when I went to sleep. He made every thing right.
    Finley I gave up crying and started walking home. I knew I would have to be strong, I had to if I wanted to survive .
    I could feel her pain day and night. I tried to convince myself that she was okay but in my heart I knew she was only a child. A child that had fighting talents , fast reflexes and knew how to live alone but she was still a heart broken child that had no one that loved her in the death city. I knew I had to get back, but how? That night I had a dream of her crying, again. I woke up and started making notes of how to get back. I knew that I now wasn't a monster and had many people around me that care and that going back that safe feeling would fade away even though it just came back. I knew that going back there would be a chance that I might not come home, but it was the same for her but she didn't have a break like me. I was going back one way or another