• Lily walked down the crowded road. She sighed.
    "I don't belong here." She mumbled to herself. She hopped up onto the sidewalk as all of the New Yorkers around her pushed her back into the road. She looked at the person who pushed her. It was a young man, maybe about her age. He had dark, wavy brown hair, it seemed just piled up on his head.
    "Hmm, that's odd." Lily said, she could barely hear herself though. So many people were rushing to work at this time. Lily ran over to the young man and got back up on the sidewalk next to him.
    "Hi!" Lily panted, trying to keep up with his brisk pace. "HI!" She repeated. The man just glanced in her direction, ignoring Lily's greetings. She stopped short staring after the beautiful man. All the people around her swore at her and filed around her. She just froze there, not caring if she was being pushed around and practically trampled. She was still staring at the man, he was fading away now, barely visible to Lily anymore. She turned around, tearing her eyes away from the young man she was sure she loved. She walked away. Silently.

    Chapter 1

    Lily walked into a coffee shop. Coffee always made her feel better. She walked in and sat down at the counter. "One Mocha Mud please." She said dully. She leaned on her head in her palm. Lily sighed at her reflection in a mug. "Here you go hun." The lady on the other side of the counter said. She handed her a steaming mug. Lily picked it up and sipped the corner. She looked behind her and saw that beautiful man walk by outside. She stood up and gasped. "Here!" Lily said fumbling around in her pocket and pulled out 2 dollars. "Thanks, Bye!" She said, running out the door searching for the man. "Heeey!!!" She yelled when she saw him about 300 feet ahead. "Wait!" Lily couldn't tell for sure but she could have sworn that his pace quickened. She caught up to him and prettied up her hair, wishing she would have brushed it before she left this morning. "Hi." She said, smiling the cutest smile she had. He glanced at her and stopped so suddenly that Lily kept walking. She jogged back to him and looked into his eyes. He stared back at her. Then he looked away. "Kayne." He murmured. They shook hands, Lily's eyes were still staring at his. "Lily" She whispered, totally unaudible. "Hi, erm... Lily." He said awkardly. They looked at each other, there eyes were exactly the same color chocolatey brown. Perfect. They started walking down the sidewalk together. "Where are you from?" Kayne asked. Lily looked at him curiously. "Des Moines, Iowa." She said simply. "You?" Kayne looked at her and chuckled. "Here." He shrugged. Lily laughed, only because Kayne did. "I'm not used to these crowds..." She said looking at the sea of taxis on the road. "This is very new to me." Kayne looked at her and frowned. "Then why are you here?" He stopped suddenly again. That was the one disadvantage to him. "Why did you leave Des Moines?" He said again. Lily started walking slowly ahead, not looking at him. "Well," She began quietly. "My dad just died." She said with a tear running down from her cheek and onto her nose, dripping of the tip of it. "He lived here, his funeral is in about a week actually." She said, looking down at the rocky sidewalk under her. Kayne was silently walking behind Lily now. "Oh." He said without having a lot of meaning in his words, or maybe he was just as sad as her. Lily stopped short this time and turned to look at Kayne. There noses where just inches away now. "Do you wanna come to my hotel room? We can talk there." She said, having all confidence in her voice but being totally unsure why she asked the question inside. Kayne smiled irrisistably. "Yeah, let's go." He put his arm around her shoulder and they walked in silence to Lily's appartment room.

    Chapter 2

    1 Week Later

    Lily and Kayne sat on a bed, looking at each other and talking about they're lives. They went out so much they didn't have time to talk about it alot. "How many jobs have you had?" Kayne chuckled after Lily finished telling him about her 6 different jobs. "Only 6." She said simply. "Only?" Kayne leaned in and kissed Lily on the cheek. "So, I hope you don't mind me asking... What happened to your dad?" He hesitated after he said it. Lily smiled shyly. "Well, he had a stroke..." Her voice trailed off. Kayne just nodded quietly. "I see." They stared at each other for what seemed like an hour or two. But when she tore her eyes away from Kayne and looked at the clock, it had only been 3 minutes. Kayne followed Lily's murderous glare....to the clock. "I'd better go." Kayne stood up. Lily sighed. "That's what I was afriad of... stupid clock." Kayne laughed, the sound of his voice made Lily giggle too. "Well-Oomph!" Kayne pulled him close to her and kissed her. Then let her go and he walked out the door. Lily just stared at his muscular back. Watching him turn the corner and dissapear. She sighed longingly and layed down on the bed and went to sleep, dreaming about none other then: Kayne.

    Chapter 3

    Lily stroked a brush through her thick brown hair. She sighed longingly, wanting it to be 7:00. She looked at the clock. "Six-o-clock." She mumbled. "Only an hour left." She assured herself. "I'll leave at 6:30 so really only a half an hour." Lily sat on her bed and grabbed a book. It was called The Book of Love. She opened to page 279, the book marked page. She read the page carefully. It said,
    She went to see Nick at the Pizza Parlor. Rachel walked in and saw Nick at a table, smiling his perfect smile Rachel melted for. He stood up and kissed her. Before either of them realized it the boss came over and made them stop. "Excuse me but costumers here are bothered by your innapropriate behavoir." Nick looked down and chuckled under his breath. Lily laughed to herself and looked at the clock. 6:27. She ran out the door and into her Porsche. She drove down to Olive Garden and parked. "Finally." She murmured, fixing up her hair and clothes. She stepped inside, smelling the strong smell of garlic. She saw Kayne sitting at the table smiling irrisistably. Lily sighed happily and walked over, sitting down across from him. Kayne leaned in and kissed her. A moment later a man wearing an Olive Garden pin that said 'Manager: Bill Renchby' stomped over. "Excuse me but you are bothering other costumers. Please be courteous of others around you." Kayne laughed when Bill turned the corner. Lily stopped and thought about the book she had just read in bed. She stared at the table, 'What just happened?' she thought to herself. "Babe, are you okay?" Kayne leaned in closer to Lily. She snapped her head up. "Oh, yeah. I'm fine!" She laughed, trying to make herself feel better about her thoughts. They ate dinner and went to the funeral. Lily was sobbing, Kayne held on tight to her. They went to the appartment, didn't fall asleep all night. This was a hard time for Lily, they really didn't speak of it again. Kayne kissed Lily on the cheek and layed with her all night. Forever, really.

    Chapter 4

    Lily woke up and swung her arm around to the other side of the bed, feeling for Kayne. When her arm only hit the mattress again, she sat up. Lily moved her tangled hair out of her face. "Kayne?" She said, her voice echoing off the bathroom wall. Lily looked at the clock. 4:00 a.m.
    She rolled over and grabbed her book off the side table. She opened up to the page with the bookmark. Nick took Rachel to Kohls. He bought her the most beautiful dress. It was a soft blue and it was embroidered with small sequins and beads. They drove home and Rachel squeeled with delight. She slipped into it. Nick whistled and Rachel smiled cutely. Lily sighed, very content with where she was. She went back to sleep.
    Lily woke up once again. She sat up. "Ahh!" She screamed. "Oh, it's you!" Lily smiled at Kayne sitting in the chair across her bed. "When did you get here?" She asked, pulling up the blankets all the way over her body. Kayne chuckled. "About two-o-clock a.m." He sat back in his seat. "Bu-But I woke up and started reading at about four-o-clock! I started reading then went back to sleep!" Kayne nodded. "I watched you the whole time." He said calmly. Lily pulled the blanket off her, she was only in a, too small, tank top and underwear. Lily didn't care. She climbed up into Kayne's lap and kissed him. They kissed for a long time. They sat there. Kissing. It was as if they were waiting for something. For nothing.