• "Ok today’s the day, I’m finally gonna tell her." Wyatt said confidently as he waited under the tree for his love, Rhionna, to arrive. He had known Rhionna for a long time, since there elementary school years. She had transferred into his class the middle of his first year, and they had been close friends but that scared him even more. What if this ruined there friendship? He looked down at his flute for reassurance, seeing his fear and doubt in the reflection of his green eyes, but the cold metal against his palm was enough to calm his nerves replacing the fear and doubt with confidence and determination. For he had worked hard preparing the piece he had been writing for her, and gotten her favorite chocolate from the store out by the high school. He knew she snuck away a lot to get them during her free period at school. He also recently learned from a friend that she loved to sit under the large oak tree. She said that it calmed her to be outside in the fresh air. His plan seemed to be perfect, but as she approached doubt edged into his mind "She'd never want a guy like me. What was I thinking" He nearly turned and ran then but that’s when her heard her calling his name as she approached "Hi Wyatt, so what was it you wanted to talk to me about?" Wyatt froze. "Well I...uhhh" He turned to meet her curious gaze. "Well there's something I’ve wanted to say to you for a long time..." His voice trailed off his nerves getting the better of him, and he turned away as he said "I really care about you....well what I mean is...Well...I love you, Rhionna" His cheeks began to burn with embarrassment; he couldn’t bring himself to look at her. There was a long silence between them then he felt her arms around him and he turned to her, startled to see tears flowing from her beautiful blue eyes with the wind blowing her silvery hair around her shoulders. "I love you too" she said in a choked whisper. Overjoyed Wyatt wrapped his arms around her and they stood there together for what seemed like hours as the autumn colored leaved fell around them. He pulled back and handed her the box of chocolate and then began playing the song on his flute. It was a beautiful piece and all the time he had spent practicing seemed to have paid off as he played it flawlessly, or maybe it was the fact that he was now playing for his muse, his inspiration, his love, whatever the case it had been his best time through it. Finally, they were forced to break apart, Rhionna promised to meet him again the next day under the tree which is now where he waits for her.
    Chapter 1
    The accident

    Rhionna was excited as she thought of meeting Wyatt again. Throughout the day she could think of nothing more then him. When the teacher called her name Rhionna paid no attention as she watched out the window looking across to the park. Finally her teacher walked up to her desk. Seeing the drawing Rhionna had made of her and wyatt surrounded by hearts, the teacher, Mrs. Equin exclaimed loudly “ Perhaps u should keep ur love life away from classes Rhionna I’m sure your boyfriend wouldn’t like to see you falling behind.” Then she grabbed the picture and held it u for the class to see. “As for everyone else I would prefer it if u took notes on your paper, and thanks to Rhionna I shall be checking the rest of your papers, any doodling will be shown to everyone in the class. You will also be required to report to me this weekend to get the notes u missed.” A few people snickered, others laughed with no attempt to hide It, and a few others -whom most likely also had doodled on there papers- groaned. Rhionna could feel the heat rushing to her face as she snatched the picture back and put her head down, not wanting anyone to look at her. “Now then, class settle down, lets continue.” The teachers lecture dragged on and this time Rhionna kept her eyes glued to the bored, still not taking notes. After class her friend lulu walked up behind her, wearing the blue skirt and white blouse with the eagle crest that symbolized their high school.
    “That was kind of harsh of Mrs. Equin” lulu said as she walked beside Rhionna.
    “yea” Rhionna replied simply still burning with humiliation.
    “That was a good drawing though”
    “You think so?”
    “Yea you’re a born artist, unlike me she couldn’t even tell what my doodle was supposed to be.” Her friend said holding up her work so Rhionna could see it.
    “uhhh what is it?” Rhionna said staring at the squiggly lines and blotches that covered the page in a strange alignment. “It’s obviously a night sky with a full moon and a huge city beneath it.” She said annoyed looking at her picture affectionately, and then laughed. Rhionna looked at her with a puzzled expression.
    “The picture is upside-down.” Her friend explained turning it over for Rhionna to see. Now she could see it a bit more clearly but it was still hard to tell what it was.
    “Oh, I see it now, its great.” Rhionna said in spite of herself. Her friend looked delighted. “Thanks Rhionna” she said as she put the picture back in her book bag. “so any plans for this afternoon?”
    “I’m going to see Wyatt again.” she confessed not meeting her friend’s eye Lulu squealed and looked at her friend worshipfully. “Do you know how many girls have been after him since elementary school?” Her friend exclaimed. Rhionna shifted a little uncomfortably, she had heard countless groups of girls talking about him in the lunchroom, quieting quickly whenever he walked by and talking more when he passed by. Her friend saw her discomfort and asked “what’s wrong?”
    “he’s has so many girls he could choose from….why would he ever choose me?” she said sadly. Lulu laughed at that and Rhionna glared at her. She quickly stopped laughing “Rhionna have you seen yourself? What guy in this school wouldn’t want to go out with you?”
    “What one would?
    “Don’t talk like that. God Rhionna, don’t be so self conscious.”
    “Easy for you to say, you’ve had like ten boyfriends at least already, you still currently have a boyfriend, and you still have guys all over you.”
    Her friend looked at her sternly. “Rhionna just give it a chance. He likes you, lord knows u like him, so what’s the problem?”
    Rhionna sighed. “Yea I guess your right…” Rhionna looked up and smiled at her friend. Lulu smiled back “That’s the spirit, now let’s go, almost time for you to meet him right?”
    Rhionna nodded and Lulu grabbed her hand and stared rushing toward the door. “Then you better hurry, unless you want him thinking he was stood up.” Lulu slow down, we have enough time, it’s not too far a walk. She pulled back her hand and her friend stopped. Alright fine we’ll walk jeez. They walked together until they were a block away from the meeting place.
    “Alright I have to head home from here. Give me full details tomorrow.” Lulu winked and started across the street toward her house. When she stepped into the street however; a red sports car came speeding down the road. Rhionna watched, he friend froze, eyes wide mouth open about to scream. There was no time; the car was speeding shakily down the road, swerving slightly. Rhionna jumped and knocked her friend out of the way just as she felt the bumper of the car crash into her. Her body went ridged. She was vaguely aware of the sense of lying on the cool rough street, with the crowd gasping, shouting, and gathering around her. Then her whole world went black.


    He looked around, hoping to see her heading toward him but she was nowhere in sight. He grew tired of waiting wondering what was keeping her, he sat under the tree hoping she would still come. It was calming sitting under the tree and the gentle breeze through his cloud white hair and comforting bed of leaves underneath him along with the sounds of the outside world soon lulled him to sleep. In his dreams he saw her, but what shocked him was that she was falling. He reached out desperately trying to grasp her hand, but the closer he tried to get to her, the farther she seemed to be. “RHIONNA!” He cried desperately, as his love slipped away into the black. He knew he couldn’t reach her. Tears spilled helplessly from his eyes and he turned away unable to watch her falling away from him. Then he saw it, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, the bright light illuminated the darkness around him, drawing him closer to it. Wyatt approached cautiously, but as he drew closer he realized what he was seeing. It was a flower from one of his old bedtime stories. He reached out to touch it, as his hand connected with the silky petals of the flower the darkness around him began to fade away drawing forth an image of an island. Not just any island he remembered from the story it was the element island, the only known location of the Eternal Nox Flowers. They were very rare flowers only a small patch laid in the center of the island. Wyatt stared amazed at the scenery around him. He turned around taking in the volcanoes, rivers, forests, and mountains around him. In the middle just as the old story had said the flowers bloomed. Then he remembered, “Rhionna...” he said sadly to himself. Then he remembered the special properties of the flowers, they could give a person anything they desired wealth fame, fortune, but they could only grant one wish before wilting. That’s why only this small patch still survived. “If I can just get one I can save her.” he thought to himself as he approached them. Then as he reached out to collect the flower he felt something hit his head, shocking him into reality. “There you are.” The familiar voice of his friend, Kai said. “Get up you idiot how can you be sleeping at a time like this?” Wyatt gave him a blank stare. “A time like what?” he asked confused. His friend appeared appalled. “Don’t tell me you haven’t heard yet.” “Heard what?” Wyatt said impatient now. “Its Rhionna, Wyatt, there’s been an accident…” Kai looked down sadly. Wyatt grabbed his friends shoulders, gripping them tightly. “What’s happened to Rhionna?” He demanded anger and worry making him sound harsher then he ment to. Not surprised by his friends reaction to the news he replied “She’s in the hospital, apparently she was on her way here when she was hit by a drunk driver.” His friend said sadly. “She…she’s in a coma, Wyatt.” Wyatt’s eyes widened. “No! No! NO!” he cried angrily, and then whirled on his friend. “Where is she?” he demanded. Kai gave him directions to a hospital not far from there. “If you hurry you can still get there before the visiting hours end.” Kai said sympathetically, but Wyatt was already speeding down the road eager to see his love in one piece. When he reached the hospital he walked up to the front desk and had the bite the inside of his cheek to keep from grabbing the front of the nurse’s tunic and demanding to see Rhionna. He forced himself to politely ask which room Rhionna was in. The woman behind the desk politely pointed him in the direction of the stairs.
    “Second floor room, 8b” she told him. “Is she a frie-” Wyatt didn’t give her time to finish her question as he rushed toward the room the nurse indicated. He burst through the door, surprising one nurse who had been checking on Rhionna. He muttered a quick apology and ran to Rhionna’s side, taking her hand in his. “She someone special?” The nurse asked, giving him a sympathetic look. “Yes.” Wyatt replied simply. “Is there anything you can do for her?” The nurse looked out the window for a moment then back at him as if preparing to put her life at risk. “I’m very sorry, but with her vitals it would take a miracle for her to wake up from this.” That’s when it hit him. “The Eternal Nox Flowers,” He muttered under his breath. “Excuse me?” the nurse gave him a puzzled look. “Sorry, it was nothing just thinking about something.” He told her innocently. She gave him a curious glance and left the room to see to her other patients. Wyatt sat in a chair by the bed, still gripping his loves hand in his. “Rhionna, if u can hear me, I’m gonna get you out of this.” He said squeezing her hand slightly. “I’m gonna have to go away for a while though, but I promise I’ll be back.” He leaned down and kissed her gently and placed his hand on her cold cheek. “Don’t give up on me. I’ll be back here as soon as I can.” Wyatt lifted her hand to his mouth, kissed her knuckles, and carefully placed it back by her side. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I love you, Rhionna.” Then he walked to the door glancing back once more a small part hoping to see her spring up from the bed. He knew that it was unlikely but still he watched. Finally a nurse ushered him away. “Visiting hours is over.” She told him in a strict tone. Wyatt left knowing that he would not return here for a long time, but what was his first move? As he walked down the nearly deserted street it hit him, literally. A piece of trash blew into his face, blinding him for a moment before her torn it from his face. On the paper was an add New book store opening November 14th open 24/7 for a big giveaway sale to celebrate. Wyatt looked at the address it wasn’t far from there so he made his way over. It was late the book store was nearly empty now, only a few people sat at small tables examining some book or magazine that had caught there eye. Wyatt walked up to the cashier. “Excuse me; I’m looking for a book called The Eternal Nox flowers.” He told the clerk. The man looked at him a glimmer of humor in his eye. “Aren’t you a little old for fairy tales son?” the man chuckled and pointed over to the children’s section not waiting for a reply. “Should be on the top shelf of the second book case.” Wyatt thanked him and went to retrieve the book, returning eagerly digging out his wallet to pay the cashier. “How much do I owe?” Wyatt asked. The cashier waved his hand in a ‘don’t worry about it’ gesture. Wyatt looked at him puzzled. “That old book has been with me for a long time, I knew it would end up in good hands.” The man said looking over Wyatt. “Just consider this a favor; I hope our paths may cross again someday Wyatt.” Then Wyatt left the store more confused then before. What had he ment by ‘in good hands?’ he barely knew the guy. That’s when he noticed the cashier had called him by his first name, Wyatt didn’t remember giving his name at all in the store. He turned around to question the strange store owner but when he returned to the store, he found that it had been closed for the night. Deciding not to ponder the strange encounter any longer, he made his way home to get packed and prepare for the journey ahead of him for he would soon learn what a vital piece of information the store owner had given him.

    Chapter 2
    The journey begins

    If he had dreamed that night he didn’t remember it. He jumped out of bed, got dressed, brushed his teeth and combed his hair then gulped down some coffee and a breakfast bar. He then called his friend, Ikram. Ikram was an old friend he’d known since elementary school. He ran the docks not too far out of the city, where Wyatt had played as a child. “Hello?” Ikram’s voice said.
    “Hey, it’s me, did you get everything ready for me?”
    “almost, but why the rush? You sounded really desperate on the phone last night, did something happen?”
    Wyatt sighed. “I’d really rather not talk about it” He told his old friend. ‘Plus you’d think I was insane if I told you’ he thought to himself.
    “I have everything you asked for, but I could use some help loading it up if you don’t mind.” Ikram said.
    “I’d be glad to help out I’ll be there in about ten minutes” Wyatt told his friend quickly “See you then.” Ikram replied then hung up.
    “Alright, time to go.” He said eagerly picking up his suitcase and rushing out the door. He had spent many hours in the night reading over the book, the location of the island the dangers there, and whatever else he felt would be important on his way there and through the island. It would also give him directions as to where the flowers were located exactly. Wyatt made his way to the dock where his old pal Ikram was waiting for him. “So where you headed?” Ikram asked as he handed Wyatt the keys to a small, green speedboat and motioning for Wyatt to help him lift a small crate into the back of the boat. “I’m headed to Greenland” Wyatt replied absently. His friend seemed amused at that. “Well then you’re lucky you’ve got this boat, she’ll get you there in a week or so, four times faster then any other boat out there.” He said proudly and giving the boat and affectionate pat on the side.
    “The kind of thing I can always count on you for Ikram.” Wyatt said smiling at his old friend.
    “There’s food and fuel that should keep you going up to four weeks so you’re good for the return trip too.” Ikram told him. Wyatt chuckled.
    “You should be a party planner Ikram.” Then he shook Ikram’s hand and got in the boat waving until he could no longer see the shore anymore. Wyatt took a deep breath, savoring the smell of the open sea. It had been years since he’d been out on a boat. He had been three his last trip and riding with his father. Now he was driving a boat stocked with food and fuel where he’d be stuck for a week or more, on what might be a wild goose chase. The insanity of his situation made him laugh as he sped over the smooth waters. He was enjoying the scenery around him, watching the seagulls fly overhead, the clouds overhead blocking the sun making strange patterns in the sky reflecting in the ocean. “I can spend a week here easy.” He said aloud, putting the boat to full speed, though he had to slow down because he could barely stand at that speed. He checked his navigation system; he was headed straight for Greenland. Though he still had a long distance to cover, he was excited. Then reality hit him. He was here for something important he shouldn’t be messing around; Rhionna’s life was at stake. With a new spark of determination he sped up as much as he could, practically flying over the water. He kept an eye on the clouds watching for any sign of storms ahead, but there were only clear skies ahead now. Wyatt traveled like that for a long time till it was late in the night and he was ready to collapse from exhaustion. He tossed down the small anchor to keep him in place then settle on the seat in the back of the boat. He would have slept then but his stomach argued so he got up and grabbed a sandwich from the small refrigerator on the boat. He ate quickly then settled back down, listening to the sound of the water against the boat as he began to fall into a deep sleep.


    “I’m glad your here” Rhionna smiled in Wyatt’s embrace. “Yea me too, sorry I can’t stay though.” He said pulling back from her.
    “Where are you going?”
    “I have to go somewhere, but don’t worry I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He said giving her a warm smile.
    “I don’t want u to leave.” She whined and took his hand in hers.
    “Wyatt chuckled and brought her hand to his mouth brushing his lips over her knuckles. “Don’t worry I’ll come back to you. I promise, just don’t give up on me ok?”
    “Promise you’ll come back to me?” She said suspiciously.
    “Geeze, have a little faith would you?” he chuckled pulling her into a tight hug. “of course I’ll be back I wouldn’t abandon you now.”
    Rhionna smile, hugging him back and trying to hold back the tears that threatened to fall any second. “Ok, just don’t take to long.” Then Wyatt pulled back and ran off. Suddenly Rhionna noticed that as he was getting farther away a dark cloud was forming in the distance beyond him. She called out hoping to warn him about what was coming, but he was to far away and she stood there helplessly watching as her love continued unaware of the darkness ahead.
    Chapter 3
    The storm
    The next morning he woke up to the sound of seagulls cawing over head. He stood up, holding onto the seat until he regained balance. Then he rubbed his eyes groggily. It was early; the sun was just coming up over the horizon. Wyatt went over to the refrigerator and grabbed a breakfast bar for breakfast then pulled up the anchor and prepared to set sail. The first few hours were smooth and easy, a wave here or there. The birds were crowing overhead, diving down every so often in attempt at catching there next meal. The sky was just turning from pink to blue when he noticed the clouds beginning to grow dark. Deciding to ignore the bad signs he sailed on hoping to ride out of the dark skies before things got too bad. He wasn’t so lucky, the farther he drove the darker the skies became. The water became rough and the wind began blowing wildly, his cloud white hair blowing in his face, forcing him to slow down. Suddenly he couldn’t see as a blindingly fast wind began to blow, he closed his eyes tight the pain making tears stream from his eyes. And things only got worse from there, the skies grew darker the wind blowing harsher blowing him off course and calling forth giant wave that sent him flying across the boat. He had to do something if this kept up he would loose the boat, and his breakfast. He pulled the keys from the boat and placed them in his pocket, no point in trying to drive over the rough waters, the boat would never take that much punishment. The waves sent the boat soaring through the air. Fear was beginning to take control. He opened his eyes for a moment, spotting the great bolts of lightning, then the panic and wind forced his eyes shut again. Then he sat down and held on tight as the storm blew the boat farther off course and the waves crashed around him. Wyatt was terrified and as he heard the deafening thunder around he squeezed his eyes shut as tight as he could, fear gripping him. “Wyatt!” he heard suddenly and he opened his eyes as a huge bolt of lightning struck not to far from his boat. He looked around but no one was in sight. “I’m so scared I’m imagining things.” he said disgusted with himself. “Wake up, Rhionna’s in trouble you idiot, now’s no time for this.” Wyatt scolded himself. He moved to the navigator checking the course. The wind had him off, and if he didn’t do something quick he would be taking a long detour that he definitely didn’t have time for. “Alright, the boat won’t sustain over the waves but maybe if I keep it slow I can navigate myself back on course and through the storm.” He pulled out the keys and started up the boat. Steering through the rough waters, he found, was a bigger challenge then he suspected, the currents fought hard every step of the way. “I…need…more…speed...” he said through clenched teeth as he used all his might to turn back on course. He gradually sped up until he was absently soaring over the waters, desperate to get back on course. Lightning flashed around him, drawing closer as he flew forward. His worry of the lightning kept him from noticing the rock sitting in front of him. He collided with it surprising him and making a loud thump sound. Alarmed he went to check the hull of the boat. Nothing seemed to be damaged just a small scrape but he could work off that debt later. He continued on at a slower speed, but still the storm raged on. Wyatt drove through the rough conditions for what seemed like days, he couldn’t tell if it had been or not because of the dark clouds that had been surrounding him .Though the fear was still there he continued praying to make it through this for his sake and Rhionna’s. Finally the storm began to die down .The waters began calming and the harsh wind became a gentle breeze. Then when the clouds finally dispersed he saw it was nightfall. The storm had made him loose a lot of time, so he sped up as much as he could without falling over. Then suddenly the boat came to an abrupt stop sending him headfirst into the dashboard and the steering wheel into his gut. Wyatt turned the key and punched the wheel in aggravation, but the boat didn’t start up. Then he checked over everything but he couldn’t find what was wrong. Then finally he saw it and could have kicked himself for not noticing sooner. He was out of fuel, so he turned to the crate and pulled open the top. A strong odor rose from the inside and covering his nose and peering inside, he saw why. The rough waters had damaged quite a few of the containers, draining away all but a week and a half’s worth of fuel. So much for the trip home, and searching for the island he thought angrily. He had no money on him for more supplies either. If that wasn’t bad enough, the storm had cut the power for quite some time spoiling most of the food in the refrigerator. Wyatt swore and kicked the old boat, which resulted in nothing more then a few sore toes and a huge wave of pain, which just made him swear louder. Ignoring his throbbing foot, he moved to fill up the gas tank with a portion of what was left of the fuel. Then he took inventory on his remaining supply of food. He found enough to where if he cut down to a portion of a breakfast bar for breakfast and half a sandwich for dinner and skipped lunch then he would have enough to suffice till he made it to the docks. Once he got there he would figure out how to get the money for more supplies. Oblivious to the worries of what may lie ahead he drove on, for knew he could take whatever was thrown at him for his love’s sake. Or so he thought; he had no idea the troubles in store for him.

    Chapter four
    The legend

    It was getting late, he had been speeding across the water trying to make up for lost time, but now the moon was high above him and his eyelids were growing heavy. Wyatt decided that that was far enough and gradually slowed down until the boat came to a slow stop. He then pulled out the key and put it in his shirt pocket. Then Wyatt cast out the anchor and made sure it was secure before turning to the fridge to get half a sandwich for a quick dinner. When he opened the fridge a horrid smell filled his nostrils, many of the sandwiches had gone bad and he had forgotten to throw them out. He muttered something to himself and deciding to deal with it in the morning he pulled out half of an unspoiled sandwich closed the fridge and sat in the backseat of the boat to enjoy his dinner. Wyatt finished it quickly and though his stomach argued for more food, he lay down and closed his eyes allowing his mind to wander. It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep that night but after the day he had had he figured he deserved a good rest.

    The next day he woke to pink skies above him, the salty air of the sea filling his lungs. ‘Alright back to work then I suppose’ he thought to himself as he went to the fridge to fish out a breakfast bar. Again the terrible smell hit him like a ton of bricks and he drew back. “Better get this taken care of.” Wyatt said aloud to himself. He then carefully assessed which sandwiches were spoiled and which would still be ok to eat. The spoiled ones he tossed into the water. After half an hour or so he had the spoiled food tossed out into the water, where many fish had gathered to take full advantage of the free meal they had been handed. Then suddenly something big hit the boat rocking it on the waters and sending Wyatt face first on the deck. “What the h-” the boat was struck again this time harder. It was then Wyatt noticed the three fins sticking out of the water beside the boat. Sharks, he knew instantly, probably attracted by all the fish and the smell of the old food. He then went to the wheel needing to get out of there fast but as he went to grab the key out of his shirt pocket, he realized it wasn’t there. Wyatt remember the moment he hit the deck when the first shark hit the boat and he frantically began searching for it in the floor near the place he had fallen. This proved to be a bigger challenge then he thought because the sharks had appeared to be targeting the boat; he couldn’t go ten seconds without a forceful hit sending him sprawling into the nearest object by him. Rubbing his head he continued searching and the sharks continued attacking. “Could things get any worse!” he yelled angrily as he was sent flying into the steering wheel. Wrong question. Suddenly the sharks began to disperse as a large dark object began rising out of the water and for good reason, Wyatt saw when a large head appeared about thirty meters in front of the boat. Wyatt couldn’t believe his eyes the head itself was large then the boat and it had a massive jaw that looked a lot like a crocodiles, a large twenty meter crocodile snout with rows of yellow bloodied fang looking teeth. Each row bigger and more deadly then the next. Suddenly the creature turned angling its massive head toward the boat. ‘oh no’ Wyatt turned white as the creature began speeding towards the boat and just as it got within ten feet of the boat it jumped, allowing him to get full view of its body as if saying “give up now.” that would have been good advice because what he saw terrified him more then anything he had ever encountered. The length of its body had to be a good 80ft or more with scales of a greenish grey color. The creature also had massive spikes down its back that looked as sharp and deadly as its teeth. If that wasn’t bad enough the creatures four massive fins had spikes -though not as large as the ones on its back- protruding from them each with a red tip from its recent kill. Worst of all was its tail, it was long and helped a lot to give the creature speed in the water but the tail had at least sixty smaller spikes and the tip was like a blade. This creature, Wyatt figured, had only two purposes with a body like that, one being speed the other being for killing anything that stood in its way. Then the creature’s massive body splashed back in the water. ‘It’s messing with me’ he thought but he was more terrified then angry. Then the massive creatures head appeared again beside the boat, in its jaws was a large unfortunate shark. Wyatt remembered a story about a creature like this one he had heard from Ikram’s father a few years back thought its existence was thought to be a myth. Legend had it that this creature could stop a creature’s heart with a glance. Wyatt began shaking wondering when the creature would come. Again the creature jumped over the boat allowing full view of its deadly anatomy. He cursed at the creature “If your going to kill me just do it already!” he yelled fed up with the creature. Then he felt something tugging at the back of his mind, it was a strange sensation as if someone were digging into the deepest recesses of his mind. Suddenly thoughts began exploding inside his head, old memories he had thought buried away long ago. Horrible memories began playing like a slideshow in his head. The day he had watched his mother be brutally murdered by his aggressive father after he came home late from work. She had been nagging him about being late and he had told her he wasn’t in the mood for this at the moment and had had a rough day, but she just kept yelling at him till finally he went into the kitchen to get some aspirin for his headache. Wyatt had been sitting playing with his favorite toy car watching them and wondering what all the fuss was about. Then his father suddenly lunged out of the kitchen baring a knife above him and the he thrust it into the chest of Wyatt’s mother. Then pulled back and did it again and again, and again. Wyatt screamed and cried for his father to stop but he had been waiting his breath. Finally the cops appeared kicking in the door claiming a neighbor had heard the noise. His father was taken to jail and Wyatt’s neighbors who felt sorry for him having to have seen such and awful sight. Then the memory shifted to another memory the reoccurring dream he had had when he was younger, long forgotten until now. He was sitting in a dark room all by himself a candle lighting the room, then something flew suddenly across the room knocking over the candle. The flames began to spread all around him, he couldn’t move the flames grew and flickered around him then out of the fire came several skeletons each bearing knives in their hands and laughing and taunting him. “Come join the flames. Join the fire. Join the fun and die come die join us.” They circled him chanting his name taunting him and beckoning him to come. One by one they each lashed out at him slicing up whatever part of him they could reach. He curled up into a ball, trying to protect his head and vital organs. As a result they cut up his arms and legs. Wyatt screamed as the warm think liquid seeped from his the gaping wounds now covering his arms, legs and back. He cried out as they slowed, taking their time, dragging the blades slowly across his back watching him squirm and writhe in agony. Then they grabbed him, one grabbing each limb. Then the one that was not holding him, the largest of the skeletons, took his knife and pressed it against Wyatt’s exposed abdomen. He heard the skeletons wicked laughter as it plunged the knife through him, then carefully dragged the blade pulling it to wyatts chest. Wyatt couldn’t find his voice he couldn’t scream he couldn’t breath, all he could do was watch until the agony ended and he was plunged back into reality.Only this time he wasn’t waking up, and still the knife inched closer to his heart. All the skeletons now were laughing manically, enjoying the sight of the blood dripping around them the guts spilling from his chest.
    Wyatt shook his head trying to rid his mind of the horrid memory. The images cleared for a moment allowing him to see the massive legendary creature, its head just in front of the boat, its eyes watching him intently. “You’re doing this.” Wyatt said dazed and confused about where he was, he could have sworn the creature nodded at that but the next memory began. Wyatt cried out but the memory came forth surrounding him in darkness. He was running though he could still feel the pain in his chest from the previous torturous, memory but he knew this place and he knew he had to keep running and soon it would make its appearance. Just as he had suspected moments later he saw behind him a giant black dragon was flying and speeding towards him. It was gaining on him, the ache in his chest slowing him down, then it reeled back for a moment then thrust forward as a large jet of flames shot from its mouth surrounding him, burning his flesh. He cried out begging for the pain to stop but it was not use. The flames tore apart his skin peeling it away. Then it did the same to his muscles blood exploded from his body pain took control he couldn’t move he couldn’t speak all he could do was try to endure the pain. The just as he was about to lose consciousness the memory shifted again. Wyatt cried out for someone to help him but there was no one. Then something else began tugging at the edge of his mind something important, something he couldn’t forget. Wyatt grasped at it, strained for the comfort it offered, all the while being dragged down by the legendary creatures psychological torture and the memories it was trying to bring to his mind. It was one or the other, Wyatt cried out as he felt something grip his leg. He looked down to see the monster from his childhood, and suddenly his body changed until he was five years old again. Wyatt looked upon the now giant creature, it had large horns on its head and massive fangs the stuck out of its mouth and large claws on each of its eight fingers and eyes like a snakes only red instead of yellow. It was covered in reddish purple fur and its bottom half was that of a lions with a tail of a snake used to catch and strangle its victims when he couldn’t catch up to them. Wyatt screamed every inch of his body crying out in pain, as he tried to tug his leg from the monsters grasp so he could reach the light that was so close to him now. The demon creature kept a tight hold with its claws roaring with laughter at Wyatt’s futile attempt at escape. Instead of cowering like the child he now was Wyatt roared at the demon clinging to him and kicked him as hard as he could. Taken aback the demon loosened its grip enough for Wyatt to wriggle free. He then rushed toward the light the important memory that would save him from this torment. Wyatt broke through the wall of light, and saw himself in the hospital room with Rhianna. “I promise I’ll come back to u” he saw himself saying. “That’s right I promised Rhianna I’d come back and that I’d get her out of this mess.” He said aloud. “I won’t let u do this, these images aren’t real!” he called out. Then he concentrated on the image of him and Rhianna, allowing the image of her and him embracing under the tree, to fill his mind. Then all the images faded away until there was nothing, no pain no torture, no sadness, only that day, only them and nothing but time.
    When he awoke later the sun was up and the creature was nowhere in sight. “I did it, I’m alive.” He said as if needing to hear the words aloud. ‘Thanks to Rhionna’ he added in his head. After the mourning he’d had Wyatt thought it would be good to get moving again. He searched the deck of the boat and found the key lodges in a small opening under the seat and continued his journey across the water wondering what other surprises were in store for him in the future.