• Kasey’s Fever
    I always wanted to open the book. Its red cover, so bright, and ohhh the glossy pages. Micheall, my caretaker, told me that it holds the key to my past. I really did want to open the book but I couldn’t. I’m afraid of its content. Who are my parents? Where they robbers? Crooks? Did they die? Am I an only child or do I have siblings? I sighed, these where the questions that haunted me. So, I never actually opened the book. Its my treasure and my weakness.

    Today was my turn to get the groceries! I’ve always loved the market. Next week would be Tanny’s turn! Tanny, she’s like my best friend and sister but not my birth. Anyways, once I got to the market the aura was depressing. As I continued my shopping I began to worry, “I wonder what’s going on that’s causing all this depression?” That’s when I saw Mrs. Blokure. She was in tears. I was about to ask her what was wrong, but there was no need to. It was right in front of me, her husband, dead. His eyes where tinted yellow along with his skin, and to top it off he had black blood all over him. In shock I ran to tell Micheall and Tanny the horrible news. When I arrived home Micheall was on the floor in the same condition, except alive.
    I screamed, of course I would. Tanny sprinted over from across the street, where she was buying sugar, and stopped dead in her tracks. She didn’t scream, she only stood in horror. Next thing I knew Tanny was gone. Of course I knew where she went, to get a doctor, what else? I didn’t know what to do so I just began cleaning up the blood. After I finished Tanny still didn’t return. I began to worry what was wrong. I went to check on Micheall but something wasn’t right. I began to panic but I didn’t know why. Suddenly it hit me, he wasn’t breathing! I threw my self to him. I, once again, didn’t know what to do so I looked for his heartbeat. I froze. I couldn’t feel, everything went numb, only because there was no heartbeat.
    Fighting back the tears, I ran to find Tanny. I found her in front of the doctors office crying. Never in my life have I seen Tanny cry, until now. I began to feel guilty that I had to break this to her. Micheall was dead. I could hardly break it to myself. I walked over to her. As I approached she began to speak. “You know Kasey, I’ve never told anyone this but I love Micheall and I always have,” is what she said. That’s when I suddenly felt that I was being repeatedly stabbed. She should have told me sooner! Tanny sighed and spoke again, “The Doc said that he has the fever.” I didn’t know what she meant and I think she knew that too. “Well,” she continued, “He also said that as of now the fever is incur…” she didn’t finish the sentence. She didn’t need to, I already knew how it ended, incurable. I took a deep breath and slowly began to tell her the last thing she wanted to hear. “Tanny about Micheall…” I paused. She asked me what happened and suddenly looked desperate. “Well…” I continued, “you see…Micheall is at home, and uhhhhh he is…” I stopped. I couldn’t say this out loud, I could hardly believe it as it is, but I have to for Tanny’s sake. “Dead” I whispered. I was looking at the ground now. I wasn’t sure if she heard me. Sure enough, I looked at her face and it was as white as a ghost.
    Tanny took a while. I didn’t think she processed it yet, so I gave her some time. Finally she stammered, “D… d… dead.” I nodded; I mean what else can I do? I felt a sudden ram in my side, it was Tanny. “Kyahh!” I said as I fell to the ground whimpering in pain. Tanny Began Shouting, “NO! Your lying, I know you are! You’re just teasing me and you’re jealous! Watch I’ll go home and Micheall will be there… ALIVE!” “Tanny wait!” I called after her. It didn’t stop her, at this moment nothing could. I got up and ran after her. Being the fastest I caught up to her, but by the time I did, she already saw the truth. The truth that I’ve been telling her from the start. Next thing I knew two men with guns bursted into the house!
    “You kids get out!” the first man screeched. “Yeah! Get out of die! This is our place now!” yell his partner. I didn’t get a good look at them but I told them calmly, “We will! We will! Just let us say goodbye…” “No! Get out! NOW!” The first man interrupted. Suddenly the second guy fired his gun just missing my shoulder. I ran, no, sprinted out of there for my life, with Tanny following in tears. Before I knew it, we were on the other side of Philadelphia! Later I stopped realizing I ran farther than I needed to. Panting, I sat down, not for long though. Tanny suddenly stopped crying and kicked me. “Get up Kasey!” she scolded, “We are Strong Women and we are gonna stay strong. As long as were together, there’s nothing to cry about!” I got up, and we began to discuss what we were going to do about food and shelter. Tanny told me that we are going to camp in the woods in her “secret spot” and that we don’t need to worry about food. To me, it sounded pretty good for the conditions were in now, especially when we got to the secret spot.
    It was breathtaking. The view and it was all ours. I looked around and I saw that Tanny had brought food here before the fever! After we settled in I realized I forgot something, I just couldn’t remember what! IT hit me harder than a rock. I forgot my book! My treasure! I had to go back, but I couldn’t go alone. “Tanny?” I asked, “Don’t we need clothes?” Tanny turned around wide-eyed and answered, Oh my Kasey! “I guess we do!” Then I asked, “Are we gonna go back for them?” Tanny replied a while after, “I guess we do.” I think that was sneaky of me but do you really think she’d do back for a book! No way! We decided to head out tomorrow night.
    We were preparing to go when Tanny decided for us to make a promise, “Kasey, if one of us dies will u bury me and I’ll bury you?” I thought about this and indefinitely I would, so of course I agreed! I just never thought that promise would be fulfilled so soon.
    We finally headed out. When we arrived we went over our plan again. Sneak upstairs and grab two outfits and go. I decided to go first. I dashed quietly through the door. There laid the two men but one was obviously dead and the other was sleeping. I tiptoed up the steps and ran down the hall. I grabbed my book and my two outfits and came downstairs again. This time I noticed the dead man didn’t die of fever. First off, there were no hands on his body. Second there were knife marks in his back. I didn’t have time to stare in horror; I had to get out of there! I dashed outside then Tanny bursted in. I noticed she was a tad louder than I was. That’s when I heard a noise, like a thump. That’s when I knew, Tanny fell and the man was awake. Tanny than bursted outside and she didn’t even have to tell me. I bolted away from the house with Tanny right behind me.
    The man ran out of the house with his knife chasing us. We had to get away. If he caught up then we were dead. As we ran I noticed Tanny’s laces were untied and before I could warn her, she tripped. I could only stand in horror. The man was only about 15 feet away now. I was about to help Tanny when she yelled, “No Kasey! Run! Save yourself!” Next thing I saw was the man jumping on Tanny and began to stab her repeatedly. Now I ran, I ran to the church. I needed forgiveness, along with prayer for Micheall and now Tanny. I also needed to pray for my safety, as if that really mattered anymore.
    After I prayed I went to the back of the abandoned church and wept. I wept for Micheall and Tanny; I wept no tears for myself. I heard the church doors open. I felt a pang of fear as I thought it was the man. Until I saw it was a boy, he looked around my age. He had long brown hair and dazzling green eyes. I realized we were staring at each other and I assume he did to because he sat next to me. He was the quietest for the longest time. Sudden he spoke, “Hi! I’m Redd, What’s your name?” I was shocked, no confused is more like it. There was to much to take in; Micheall, Tanny, and now this! “Kasey,” I replied. He frowned. “What’s wrong?” he asked me. I didn’t answer for the longest time. “Everything,” I finally replied. I looked at his face and it looked like he wanted to forgive me or something. “I have a question,” I said, “Will you help me with something?” He agreed in a heartbeat.
    I fulfilled my promise to Tanny. I buried her, but with Redds help. Redd told me to stay with him while the fever was around but I declined. I didn’t want to get close to somebody and have them die on me too! That day I decided to sleep in the church. It was uncomfortable but it was warm. When I woke up though, it was strangely cold. I went out side to see that there was frost. Along with the frost there were people dancing and rejoicing. When I ask why everyone was so happy they laughed and just said it was because the fever was over. Before I could react Redd snuck up on me. Before I could greet him he swept me off my feet and kissed me! He put me down and I just stared at him. He just laughed and once again offered me to stay in his house. This time I didn’t say no.