• Chapter- 2

    Being pregnant didn’t last nine whole months when a saiyan was soon to have a baby. A baby in a saiyans body only lasted up to four to six months, maybe not even that long. But Renee had started to show with a lower belly very plump under her saiyan armor, which stretched to her body’s size regardless on how big it became.

    She was not going to be baring the child, Kakorate.

    Bardock knew of this, but her story to the world once again was the father died on a mission. During work, she would look up the database in which deaths had acured within resent months, and she would pick someone off that list to say that dead person was the father. Bardock didn’t try to help much, for he was a saiyan and his emotions were limited.

    Renee sat down at her desk when the Queen, like always at noon everyday, approached her. She sat down next to Renee, and then told her the unspeakable.

    “Raditz is going with your son to a planet to kill?” Renee gasped and held her hand close to her heart, she felt as if a heart attack was just sprung upon her.

    The Queen nodded. “It’s part of credit for school. Frieza needs to see that they are capable of accomplishing planet domination so in a few years they will be working for him permanently.” The queen patted Renee who was panting heavily. Most mothers didn’t care that their children were sent away, but Renee was most defiantly different.

    “When do they leave?” Renee tried to catch her breath.

    “In one hour, your son is waiting down stairs for you.” The queen replied and Renee gasped again, then tried to breathe.

    “Relax, your son will be fine.” She patted Renee and helped her from her chair. “Let’s go see our boys and take them to the docking station.”

    Raditz seemed very excited about the whole trip, and tried to reassure his mother he would be fine and that it was going to be a lot of fun. So Renee took her sons hand and began to walk across town with him, until they came to a building where all saiyan space pods are shipped to another planet.

    Renee and her son walked up the stair into the docking station, where they met Prince Vegeta standing with Nappa. “This will be a breeze.” Snickekered prince Vegeta.
    A blue looking alien man took Raditz and Vegeta to their space pods. They both sat in the and the doors closed shut. Raditz waved to his mom, she held back her tears and waved back. Then their space pods shot off into the sky. Little did Renee know, that was the last time she’d ever see her son.

    Renee quickly left and headed home, with tears filling her eyes. She walked into her home, to see Bardock early waiting for her. He noticed her tears and sat up to approach her.

    “Why are you crying? Where is Raditz?” he looked around confused and walked up to her.

    “He was sent on a mission in a saiyan space pod. “

    “For the first time!” Bardock yelled. “Why didn’t you tell me I would have been there, or tried to have made it non obvious I was there.” He sounded very disappointed.

    “I would have told you but I only had a one hour notice myself.” She wiped her eyes.

    “You didn’t even try and stop them He is too young to be out there.” Bardock hit the table and it broke under his fist.

    “Maybe you should go tell them that then!” Renee Screamed back at Bardock.

    In fury Bardock left ran down the hall and escaped through her window, flying into the air as Renee ran into her room and fell on the bed crying.

    Bardock landed on Kanasa and had killed all of its inhabitance. He was furious at this new news and killing any living being would be the best thing for him.

    Tora and his crew lay back in a ditch as Bardock kept shooting the dead bodies with energy blasts.

    “Bardock sit down.” Fascia urged him too. He ignored her and continued his game.

    “He is just upset” Tora said then he suddenly heard a noise from behind. He saw the ground move, then an ugly Kanasa inhabitant sprung up and threw a punch into Bardock’s head from behind. Bardock’s vision turned from blurry to black, and his body quickly hit the ground.

    Bardock began to dream, seeing his son behind the glass, looking identical to him. Hair and all. He began to dream more of his planet, planet Vegeta being destroyed. Then the planet busted into nothing-ness.

    Bardock then stood on planet Namek and saw him, His son, Kakarot as an adult, standing with orange Gi before him. Bardock reached for him, but couldn’t grab him. He then suddenly awoke. And realized he was being pumped air and in the rejuvenation tank he then fell back to sleep, weakened.

    After a few hours he woke up again, and felt fine, exiting the rejuvenation tank. Walking past the guards nude, he grabbed his armor, ignored them after they told him to get back in, and walked off down the stairs.

    Bardock laid his head on the table down at the pub where he ordered more alcoholic drinks then they even owned there. Lifting his head up he saw Renee walk in with her two lady friends. She didn’t make eyes contact with him, but sat at the bar on a stool next to Nappa himself.

    A sexy girl walked by Bardock “Would you like another?” she questioned grabbing his mug.

    “No I think he has had enough.” Tora said. “We should try and get you home.” He suggested.

    “No---“ Bardock tried to sit up, drunk as can be. “I want another one—now—“ His head fell back down onto the table.

    “No he doesn’t, don’t get him one.” Tora told the girl and waved for her to leave.

    “Tora- don’t tell no me drink, cause I drink love a lot” Bardock sat up again his eyes half open.

    Tora raised his brow and gave him and odd look. “Your sentence made no sense, you don’t need another.”

    Bardock looked at Renee and saw Nappa rubbing his hand up and down her back. Bardock’s eyes narrow as he pointed to Nappa. Tora turned and looked.

    “If he touches down lower her, I will back kill him.” Bardock stood up, but then fell back down into his chair.

    “You wont be killing anyone Bardock, don’t do anything stupid to blow you and Renee.” Tora placed his hand on his shoulder ad Bardock slouched in his chair and started at her.

    “She so pretty—“ he half smiled and tilted his head.

    Tora shook his head and somewhat laughed at the way Bardock was acting due to his too many drinks. “You’re so drunk.”

    Bardock continued to stare at her; he frowned seeing Nappa’s hand continue down her back and then over her bottom.

    Bardock stood up, knocking over his chair, the table and all the glasses on it, making the whole room fill with noise of shatter glass and crashes. Everyone, including Renee and Nappa stared at Bardock, who began to approach Nappa with anger.

    “Oh god---“ Tora whispered to himself.

    Nappa noticed Bardock was heading towards him, so he slipped off the bar stool and faced him.

    “You were touching MY girl.” Bardock’s footing was not exactly straight the room gasped at his words and looked over at Renee.

    Renee laughed a bit and sweated. “I don’t know what that low class saiyan is talking about, he’s drunk cant you tell?” She tried to reason with people.

    “Low life hu?” Bardock repeated, then swung a punch at Nappa, not missing. Nappa’s body hit the floor hard as the room shook. People whispered and gasped at his actions. “Low life my a**! Touch her again and I’ll make you really hurt next time.” Bardock threaten drunk, then grabbed Renee’s arm and pulled her.

    Nappa got up, shaking rubbing his face a bit, women at his side helping him, for he was a known pimp.

    Tora rubbed his temples, shook his head and sighed.

    “Hey let me go!” She tried to fight him off until he bent down and grabbed her at the knees, swinging her over his shoulder. Renee screamed and kicked, but Bardock had no problem caring her up the stair to the outside doors.

    When he got outside, feeling the strong cold win against him, he put her down. And when he did she hit his shoulder in anger. “Way to keep our cover Bardock! I have a ton of damage to undo now!” she screamed at him.

    Bardock still walked funny and tried to stand straight. “You are MY WOMEN, not his, I should go back and kick his---“

    “BARDOCK!” Renee screamed.

    “WHAT RENEE! He should have known you were someone’s considering you’re pregnant. ” He screamed back at her.

    “NO! I THINK I AM ABOUT TO HAVE OUR BABY!” she screamed and held her stomach and sat down on the curb, her saiyan armor wet from the waste down.

    Bardock froze, for he couldn’t even remember what he did when his first son was born. He quickly scooped her into his arms and began to run as fast as he could through the streets and the down, over to the health center. He didn’t care who saw him caring an upper class, all he felt was fear for her, and hurried to her there as fast as he could.

    Hours went by as Bardock, who had sobered up a little bit paced back and forth down the hall waiting and waiting. He turned around again to see, the Queen standing before him. His eyes widen and his heart stopped for he had never been face to face with her, and he knew she knew he was clearly the father of Renee’s child.

    Bardock bowed to her as she bowed back to him. He tried to not make contact and felt ashamed that Renee was going to get the heat for his actions.

    “I take it you’re the father?” The Queen asked as Bardock stood back up.

    “I was just helping her, I’m not the father.” He looked away so she couldn’t read his eyes.

    “I know that’s a lie.” She nonchalantly said. “Or he wouldn’t have your hair.”

    Bardock looked at her in shock. “Hu?” he asked.

    The Queen pointed to a glass wall. Bardock turned around to look at it. He approached the glass and saw him, with Renee’s name underneath a small sign that wrote “Kakarot.” He slept silently, cuddled up nude in a little pod with his exact hair.

    Bardock placed his hand up to the glass and stared at him intently. He then realized that all his visions were true. That everything he saw was going to actually happen.

    “He could be your twin.” The Queen commented on behind him.

    “Hmmm.” Was all Bardock could say.

    Renee walked out of her room, just to see Bardock and the queen.

    Bardock’s eyes met with hers and smiled. “You’re alright!” he took a step towards her. She smiled and nodded to Bardock then her eyes shifted to the Queen in a frown.

    “We need to talk” the queen said to Renee.

    “I know.” Renee nodded, for she knew she was in for some tough heat.

    “I have to leave.” Said Bardock. He began to turn to leave.

    “Aren’t you going to say goodbye to her properly?” said the queen. Renee and Bardock’s eyes both widen.

    “Bu---“ Renee was cut off.

    “The king doesn’t need to know about this, he has enough on his plate.” The Queen nodded and walked past Renee.

    Her eyes met with his and she ran into his arms happily. He held her close and tight to his body, keeping her warm. “I have to go.” He whispered.

    Renee nodded and released him from her arms. He waved and ran off down the hall, to reach the docking station. When he got there, he realized his crew already had left without him.

    “Those guys are trying to steal all the fun.” Bardock said one to the Alien men who helped him get into his space pod. Bardock then shot off to the planet to fight along side his friends.

    Renee paced back and forth in front of the glass window, staring at her son Kakarot. Next to him she noticed a child crying, with long dark hair. She read his name-Broly.

    She soon became anxious and when she saw the doctor walk down the hall she rushed to him. “Can me and my son go home now?” She seemed pushy.

    The saiyan doctor shook his head. “No, all children are to be kept here 76 hour after birth.” He said then flipped through a folder of papers. “Especially yours, who is to depart tonight”

    “WHAT?! Renee screamed and grabbed his shoulders shaking him. “There is a rule that you cannot deport more then one son at a time, and my youngest is out already---“

    “It was ordered by the king, I’m sorry.” The Doctor gave her a sad look, and began to back up and walked away.

    Renee had never even held her son, and now never will. She turned to the glass window and stared at him sleeping. She felt sadden and hopeless, she was tempted to tell the queen and have her change it all but after everyone knew her and Bardock were together, there was no way the queen would even consider it. So Renee began to cry, and sat down against the glass.