• We got into the Lamborghini and he instantly turned on the heat.
    “I’m fine, really.” I reassured him, he didn’t believe me.
    “Okay, so where am I taking you?” He asked politely.
    “Hotel, closest one you can find. I don’t care just don’t take me home.” I gasped. I said too much! Stupid me!
    “Why not take you home?” He asked a bit worried. “Is there something your not telling me?”
    “No, I just don’t want to be home right now.” I said and he looks at me, as if I were crazy.
    “Okay, well at least let me pay for you to stay at a hotel.” He said generously.
    “Why have you been so…so kind to me, you hardly know me.” I asked.
    “I-I-I…I don’t know.” He answered, he knew, he just didn’t want to tell me.
    “Fine don’t tell me.” I played to lighten the mood.
    “I wasn’t going to anyways.” He played back. “So tomorrow is Tuesday, are you going to school?” He asked me about five minutes after our conversation before.
    “Uh…I’m not quite sure yet, I mean all my stuff was in my backpack and the last place I had my backpack was in my truck…”
    “Oh are you talking about this backpack.” He reached into the back seat and place my backpack in my lap.
    “How did you get it?!” I was shocked!
    “Well that’s a long story.” He answered.
    “Well then I might be going to school, depending on how I feel in the morning.” I said and he smiled.
    “I’ll pick you up.” He announced.
    “NO! …” I yelled accidentally. “ I mean you don’t have to.” I calmed my expression.
    “But I want to.” He said as we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel.