• a little boy named david lorenzo was 17 years old his mother told him to go to the store in mississippi they lived in washington dc. in that time he had a car. david didnt know where to go or how to get there his mother told him where to go and it was walmart. as david is driving through he gets gas for a full tank he gets back on the rode and gets lost on the freeway he didnt have directions at the time.he was very mad that he gotten lost he asked many people where to go but he asked this guy that was drunk off of some whisky and beer the guy was out of order david decided to ask him ''excuse me do u know where walmart is in mississippi?''
    "mississ~ippi?!'' the drunk stranger said "i be leave its further down the road till u get to texas" he said "thanks sir"said david
    as david is driving through he notices there are no stores around the area he thought if he would go further down he might see something
    when he got to texas he was thrusty and hungry he tried to find someone to help him but no one was there just a plain desert

    2 weeks later a died body was found in texas they said he was worn out without anything an empty stomach and no evidence to no what happened to him

    3 weeks later they solve the mystery david lorenzo was dehydrated and loosing alot of sweet and water he was also in a heart attack with out food or water he died by listening to a drunk stranger

    in 1948 he had his furneral and at there a man said "dont ever listen to a stranger that seems out of hand or drinking something he shouldnt be drinking
    now people rememberd him as a lession learned