• theres a girl whos in the english class who sits at the back. she makes no sound. the only sound you here is the sound of her pen writing on the sheet of paper. sad i know crying

    till one day, a big group of bullys went up to her and on of them said, " hey! you! quiet girl! can you please shut kimmy up for me!". the bullys laughed and smirked at her.but she didnt care. the next day somethings simliar happened when she got her new glasses. it went on for mounths untill her had enough

    "hey! four eyed b***H! do you mind me expermenting you? i've never seen somebody with so many eyes before HA HA HAAAAAAH HA!"

    she had never been so insulated in her life.she put out her arm and a huge grean light shot out towards the bullys and = burning_eyes burned them alive.
    the next day, the girl was never to be seen again stare

    moral: well duh! dont mess with people who look like they can get hurt easliy 3nodding