• Chapter 2: Powers Over the Zombie

    Kairi’s face was surprised at the sight of an undead zombie standing across from her. She was unable to move as if she was super glue to the floor. The zombie yawn and look around the room. As he turned around, Kairi stared at his pale face and brown eyes.
    “ Who are you?” ask the zombie.
    Kairi pause for a moment and grin. She could not believe the zombie can speak.
    “I’m . . . Kairi. And am I ask . . . what is . . . your name?” Kairi was shock at the zombie’s appearance. He has these big brown eyes that can pierce through any man’s soul, a nice and cute face structure that a girl can treasure for an eternity, and a prefect skin tone for a dead person.
    “I’m Yoshino Akechi, at your service,” reply the stranger.
    “He even has a name,” whisper Kairi. Kairi was starting to believe that she was in some kind of dream.
    She extended your arm and point Yoshino. “I thought zombies were supposed to be decayed and gross.” She continued to point the zombie to prove that wasn’t dreaming. Just then her finger pierced through the skin. She felt the flesh or muscle at the tip of her finger and quickly pulled it out and screamed through the rooftop.
    Yoshino covered her mouth and whispered, “I should learn to be quiet. Some animals or people sleep during the afternoon.”
    Kairi wiped the remains on the floor and forced Yoshino’s hand off her mouth. She ran to her bed and hid under the covers. Yoshino examined the room and was surprise that the entire room was filled with pictures of boys, hearts, and little bunnies playing in the meadow. He wanted to vomit but he managed to stop before his insides bursted out.
    “So why did you call me?” ask Yoshino.
    Kairi was confused. She uncovered herself and step closer to the zombie. “What do you mean?”
    Yoshino scratch his head and said, “You opened the box and now I’m your servant. I can grant wishes and do the impossible.”
    Kairi was amazed. In her head the dreams of being with Raven were drifting closer and closer. From the looks in Kairi’s eyes Yoshino could tell what his commands were. But he kept his undead mouth shut to hear the correct orders.
    “So I am your master?” ask Kairi.
    The zombie nod and almost dislocated his neck joints.
    Kairi cheered. Without hesitation Kairi ask for a closet full of new outfits. She pointed to her bed and asked if the bed can get made and cleaned. Yoshino snap his fingers and he was done in mere seconds. Kairi watched as the bed cleaned and folded itself. She rush to her closet and open up the door. She immediately fell to the ground but luckily Yoshino was there and caught her. He carefully positioned her right in front of the closet and watched as Kairi entered the room. Walls of clothes were display in many orders. Kairi wanted to cry but didn’t want to damage the fabric.
    Yoshino smile and laugh to see a girl gets so obsess with her looks. He sat on the floor and sigh. “ I’m finally free after twenty-six years of somber.” He stared at the room again and shook his head. “I cannot believe I was placed in a girl’s room. And to make it worst, I’m a servant to a girl.” He took a deep sigh and closed his eyes.
    Kairi jump in front of him and scream, “Can you make someone fell in love?”
    Yoshino jump and yell, “It’s rude to scare someone when their eyes are closed!” He punch Kairi’s head and yell, “Next time it’ll be an atomic punch to the gut!”
    Kairi rub her aching head and Yoshino knee to face his mistress. “Yes. But there is a price to pay. With love come consequences.”
    “What kind of consequences are there?”
    Yoshino took a deep breath and said, “Betrayal, lust, envy, greed, and most of all, DEATH.”
    Kairi was shock to hear death.
    “Love can be complex. I’m telling you that true love in this world is hard to find. I’ve seen those who fell in love with people they cherish and I’ve seen beautiful, innocent women fell in love with men of evil purposes.”
    Yoshino looked at his mistress and asked, “So who do you have in mind? A young boy who is athletic, or a man that can defend himself? Let me guess. A young hottie in a class that you have a crush on.”
    Kairi blushed and covered her face.
    “Well isn’t that sweet,” joke Yoshino. “My lady has someone in particular.”
    Suddenly his mistress bursted into a wild beast.
    “I don’t care! I love Raven too much to suffer such things!” yell Kairi.
    “Shut up!” yell Yoshino. “You must think about this carefully! If this boy doesn’t love you back, you will truly be miserable!” Yoshino couldn’t believe himself. His service is to a day dreaming girl that can’t see past a cute face. He sighed and turned to Kairi. “Let’s do this.”