• Chapter 3: Yoshino goes to school

    Kairi and Yoshino were sitting in the middle of Kairi’s room thinking of a possible plan to get Raven. Kairi wanted Yoshino to cast a spell, but Yoshino disagrees. He explains that no magic in the world can make Raven fall in love with her in a second. It takes a large amount of concentrated energy to force a normal human to burst out emotions of love. As the day went by, Kairi starting was wonder where Yoshino can sleep. So she asks Yoshino if he can sleep in the bathroom right across from her room.
    “You must be crazy,” said Yoshino. “Your family members might want to use it during the night.”
    “No,” said Kairi. “The bathroom across is broken. No one uses it now.” Kairi push your servant across the room and open the door. Yoshino couldn’t believe the sight he saw. The entire bathroom was a nightmare. It felt like the previous owner of the home died and left some souvenirs behind.
    Yoshino grab Kairi’s shirt and cry, “Please don’t make me sleep here? This place is more terrifying than me.” Kairi quickly threw Yoshino inside and shut the door. Yoshino slowly turned around and notices something on the floor move. He closed his eyes and hoped that his magic can fix the dreaded place.
    Kairi listened closely to see if her servant fainted or not. She wondered if the zombie was starting to fuse himself with the environment. She pictured a monster of gross pieces standing inside. Poor Yoshino must be struggling to keep himself alive. Just then she heard a boom coming from inside. Kairi started to get worry and open the door with impression strength.
    “Yoshino, are you okay?!” yell Kairi. A cloud of smoke covered the entire room. When it cleared up, Yoshino was relaxing in a hot tub.
    “Wow! This feels so good right now,” said Yoshino. He stares at Kairi and smile. “Get out because no girls allow in this marvelous sanctuary of mine.” Kairi was ticked off. She slammed the door and stomped to her room. Yoshino laugh and dive deeper into his tub. “That girl is weird. She believes that day dreaming can get her to places.”
    The next day Kairi got dress and headed out the door. Yoshino followed her by jumping from rooftop to rooftop. He was ready for the day and was prepared to face the task given to him. Kairi was then joined by Jun and the two walked together to school. Yoshino was impress. His mistress has a friend. He jumped next to Kairi and pulled her aside.
    “Who’s your friend?” ask Yoshino.
    “Her name is Jun and she’s my best friend in the entire world,” reply Kairi.
    “Kairi, who are you talking to?” ask Jun.
    “I’m talking to Yoshino.”
    Jun was confused. “Who’s Yoshino?”
    “The boy that is standing right here,” pointed Kairi.
    Jun saw no one in front of her friend. She grab Kairi and place her hand on Kairi’s forehead. “Nope. You don’t have a fever.”
    “You mean that you don’t see that boy standing here there!”
    Jun shake her head and drag Kairi to school. “Are you seeing things? There’s no one standing in that spot. Let’s get to school before we’re late.”
    Kairi couldn’t believe it. Yoshino was standing in the middle of the sideway and Jun couldn’t even see him. Yoshino was not surprised at all. Since he’s dead, nobody can see him except for Kairi. But he knows there are more of “them” out there. Yoshino yawn and continue to follow his mistress.
    Kairi and Jun made to school just in time for Mr. Yamamoto’s lecture on math solving skills. Kairi sat down at her desk and took notes as Mr. Yamamoto wrote down some math problems on the board. The lecture lasted about forty-five minutes and the students were starting to fall asleep. Only Raven was energetic enough to write down every word on the board.
    Kairi herself was starting to drifted away until she saw Yoshino behind Mr. Yamamoto. Yoshino was smiling a big grin and was hiding something. Kairi moved her head closer and saw a big yardstick pointing out from Yoshino’s back.
    “Yoshino, I command you. Don’t to hit the teacher,” whisper Kairi.
    Yoshino didn’t care. He smack the yardstick right across the teacher’s head and the entire class bursted into laughter. Mr. Yamamoto was knocked out and the lecture finally ended. Kairi quickly grab Yoshino’s arm and drag him outside of the class.
    “What was that?!” yell Kairi.
    Yoshino was still laughing at his moment. “Sorry but the lecture was making the class go to sleep. I had no choice but to halt the long speech and let the class rest and have some laughter in their lives.”
    The school bell rung and Kairi ran inside to get her bag. Mr. Yamamoto regains his consciousness and smile. “I need to talk to someone. They must be in very bad trouble to awaken something like that.” He stared outside the classroom window. “I hope you know about this because the clouds are showing the warnings.”
    Kairi and Yoshino walked down the endless miles of hallways and into the gym. Kairi stopped Yoshino at the doors leading to the girl’s locker room and warned him not come in. Yoshino obeyed and stood at the wall next to the door. He thought to himself that Raven was a good guy. He realizes why girls like Kairi dreams of being with him. Raven has that cute face, the brains to back it up, and the money too. The uniform he was wearing was made of a different fabric than the uniforms the entire school was wearing. But he had a strong feeling that something else is helping this boy. Something he recognized the moment him entered the school grounds.
    Kairi hopped out of the doorway wearing her gym clothes. She took Yoshino to the gym and asked him to stand at the far corners. Yoshino did what he was told and saw Raven too was in her gym class. Minutes later when the class was resting, Kairi walked over to the zombie and ask if he can do his magic at this moment. Yoshino cracked his knuckles and formed a magical pill in his hands.
    “Down this in his water bottle. This will make him sick and it’s your job to volunteer to help him out,” said Yoshino. “When the two of you are alone, you can finally express your love to him.” He handed Kairi the pill and pointed her to Raven’s items. Kairi ran across the gym and made sure no one saw her as she drops the pill into Raven’s bottle.
    “What are you doing to my stuff?” ask Raven.
    Kairi jumped and turned around. “Nothing. I was just walking over here to . . . hand you your water bottle that’s all.” She grabbed the bottle and threw it in Raven’s hands.
    “Thanks I guess,” said Raven. He gulped down his water and Kairi walked away. She smiled an evil grin as she made her way to the middle of the gym. Raven put away his water bottle and joined the rest of the class. Suddenly he fell to the floor. Mrs. Fuma asks the class to give Raven show room to breathe. Kairi felt her long dreams of being with Raven coming true.
    “Mrs. Fuma, I’ll take care of him,” volunteer Kairi.
    “There’s no need for that,” said Mrs. Fuma. “Raven was just tired from all the running we did.” Raven stood up and wiped the sweat off his brow. “See! He just fine. Now class, let’s get started on our rope climbing exercises!”
    Kairi turned to Yoshino and glared at him. Yoshino smiled and waved back to Kairi.
    “I hope she doesn’t want to kill me after school.”