• Why is it Called a Weeping Willow by mina~

    Once apon a time,a long long time ago,there was a girl.she had beautiful golden curls and a kind disposition.this girls name was Willow.One day Willow was at the market place, crowded as usual. Across the market place there was a man,a tall strong man, around her age, she thought.The man saw her too,their eyes met but Willow just couldn't move so so the man walked up to her his black long hair shining ever so brightly in the afternoon sun the man was right in front of her now,he said,"Hello, my name is Thomas.What would your name be?"Willow replied,"my name is Willow."a slight quiver in her voice. Little did they know those few words started a beautiful friendship that grew stronger by day. Every day Willow would wait by the lake of the small town at the same time every day ,noon. Thomas was always there right on time.They shared laughs together and stories even shared the bad times together bringing comfert to each other. One day 3 years later Thomas asked Willow to marry him as she shouted with glee,"YES! I will marry you!!" 2 years later, happily married ,Thomas came up to her one day and said,"Willow, i am very sorry but i must leave town to another town 60 miles from here...i will be back in 3 days at noon i promise ."he smiled.Willow was very sad but she wouldn't let Thomas see that so she smiled slightly and said, "alright."He hugged her and kissed her once and went out ,closing the door behind him.3 days passed and Willow was so very happy for it was almost noon. just as she was cleaning there was a knock on the door,so Willow went to the door and there was a little man... very old and very sad.He said to Willow ,"Willow....i am truly sorry...but we found your husband Thomas,3 miles outside of the town...dead..."willow didn't beleave this she was so stunned...so broken...she ran past the old man though he told her to stop and come back...she ran even faster running to the lake and sitting by t said saying to herself as she cried....Thomas will be here any minute..he promised me!!! he will be here!!!!!! months went by and all Willow did was weep by that lake...no one could make her stop weeping. the ground around her started to grow around her...one day..she turned into a tree,a tree unlike any other.today when the people go by the tree they say,"thats a weeping willow tree,that is where willow weeped for her beloved Thomas who died when she was young...she was a beautiful girl ..a happy girl...but when that happened...no one saw that smile of hers again....so she turned into this tree,that the town loves....we think she is gone now,but she could still be there,all we know is that she now can be with Thomas.

    ~the end~