• “Officer come over quick! Someone robbed me!” Said Maria. She was a busy worker she was the boss of Life Insurance Corp. She had one little boy he was 8 years old his name was Danny. She also had an enemy. It was her ex-husband she can’t remember what they fought for but she still can’t stand him. He is a slacker who works at a liquor store. His name is Steve. Steve also liked lots of sweets but… Back to the story now .You can tell it was a robber because the window was broken and you can see muddy boot prints on the carpet. The following items were taken:

    You might know who the thief is but you may be wrong keep on reading. Once Officer Martinez came he went to scan the place out. Danny was tugging on Officer Martinez and His mom’s pants saying “but but I know who the…” Oh Danny hush you’re being so rued. Then Maria turned back to Officer Martinez and said “I bet it was my no good ex-husband Steve! Again Danny tried to point out who it was but he never could finish his last few words. The Officer suspected Steve but Danny yelled out “It was Santa Claus!” all the cops and Maria looked at him in a strange and confused way. “Honey” Maria said “It can’t be.” Instead of bickering back and fourth they took Danny in an asking room downtown. They found out that Santa likes lemonade and pop-tarts because they come in smore flavor. Danny wanted to prove it so he showed him his new sled and Maria had no clue where he got it and the same with his new Transformer action figure. The case was solved. Santa actually came to his house. That’s why the cookies were taken. A little eight year old boy solved The Cookie Mystery.

    You know if an eight year old boy can solve a mystery then why can’t you? Have a problem well then figure it out because if you think your hardest like Danny the brightest light will shine smile

    -Written by Jannae (Jannae Is Randomfull) wink