• I woke up disoriented, confused, had a major headache and Janet was screaming at me. My first reflex was to stretch my arm and accidentally hit her in the face. But before I could do so, a smooth but sweet-as-honey voice beside me told her off. Through my grogginess I cringed away from its voice as if it stung.
    It was Liam. I had thought he had left after I’d fallen asleep. He hadn’t noticed that I had cringed away from him. He was on his knees by my side, his hand slightly touching mine making me blush. He seemed different than yesterday. Eviler, more out of control. I couldn’t help but be a little frightened, even though he was sticking up for me.
    Janet ordered for him to get back to his side of the room so she could change my sheets and give me my treatment. Liam hesitated at first, but then got up to push aside the cotton divider between our rooms. He stopped, his hand brushing softly against the stiff fabric. His head turned to look over his shoulder at me. He smiled.
    “Comforting you takes away the pain from my own troubles. I would hate to cause you pain and I’ll try everything to make sure you don’t have any.” He shot a threatening glare at Janet and then with a swift motion of his hand disappeared to the other side of the curtain.
    Janet’s mouth was frozen in a grim line. She seemed unmoved by his threat. She grabbed my arm and yanked me hard off my bed. I let out a soft cry. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the curtain ruffle uneasily. Janet exchanged the sheets muttering under her breath.
    “Get back in bed, I’m going to go get your treatment.” She watched me with scrutinizing eyes as I climbed into bed, then she turned and left. As soon as she closed the door, I flew into Liam’s arms.
    “I’m scared.” I whimpered hiding my face in his chest. I had almost forgotten how good he smelled.
    He wrapped his arms around me and gently kissed my hair. “I know. But do not fear my love, I am here for you. I will comfort you, always.” His arms tightened around me, his breath hot and quick whisking down my back.
    Five buff men entered the room. Liam gasped and tensed, still holding me. He shifted himself looking into my eyes. They were huge round, and brown staring frightened into mine. They have come to take me away from you, he mouthed seeming to have just burdened an immense pain. They will not harm you though, so don’t worry. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as if preparing himself. Then he looked up and smiled a weak smile.
    He threw himself in front of me. “You aren’t taking me away from her! She needs me.” I was shocked. I didn’t know that he was such a good actor.
    The most buff of the five laughed. “Don’t be so pathetic. We all know you’re just scared shitless.”
    The men smirked amused, as Liam’s expression faltered to show what was really underneath his brave, caring exterior. He really was scared. Liam left his position in front of me, backing up against the wall, panicking and gasping for air.
    The man flicked his wrist in a swift motion and the other four men grabbed the frightened man and escorted him out of the room.
    “Your new roommate will be here shortly.” The macho leader told me, slowly following his partners out the door.
    I heard myself crying after him without being able to stop myself. “But I don’t want a new roommate! I like this one!”
    Tears streamed down my face as I threw myself at him. He just laughed and with one quick movement jerked me free and threw me to the floor. With one last smirk thrown in my direction he turned and left closing the door behind him.
    I got up shaking struggling to get back over to the bed, but fell back onto the floor in a heap. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably and I tried to force air into my lungs but they wouldn’t take. More tears blurred my vision as I grasped for air desperately. I was having a panic attack. I need to calm down I told myself. But then I remembered. What are they going to do to him!?
    Janet came into the room right when I was starting to gain back control of my breathing. She gave me a smug smile and pulled out a syringe. She leaned over my limp body, flicked the needle twice and then plunged it into my thigh.
    “No! No.” I whimpered through chattering teeth, so soft that Janet’s smug face had to lean in close to hear what I was saying.
    “Don’t worry.” She mocked “I’m not taking you anywhere. It’s not your time yet. It will though eventually, but that won’t matter. Both you and Liam will be too far gone to even recognize each other.” She left me in the dark my vision fading into blackness.