• The Chronicles of Fear:II: Reiku
    In the deep dark space, nothing but the cosmos, the gods created a weapon. The Celestial Wrap. The wrap was able to control the cosmos and bring peace and prosperity to the universe. The gods had a slight problem. They had to give this wrap to someone who was on neither side of Mankind. The Celestial Wrap had the power to control the universe, but there was certain types of Mankind that wanted to use for other reasons. The worshipers of Reitsu, the god of good, whised they could get the Celestial Wrap to destroy the god of evil, Orochi, the eight headed dragon. Orochi wanted his worshipers to get the wrap and destroy the cosmic balance of the universe. The gods decided to give the Wrap to one man who hasn't fallen into Mankinds Darkness or Light. A newborn, Reiku the Dark Elf.