• A girl, around the age of seventeen walked into a coffee shop. Her long black hair pulled back into a bun, which sat on the back of her head, only a few lucky stands sticking out in different directions. Although her hair made her seem a bit uptight, her loose black tank top and her red and black Tripp pants said that she really didn’t care. Her one cross earring that swung from her left ear sparkled in the light, also drawing attention to the snake that was partly on her neck. The rest of the snake tattoo disappeared down into the back of her tank top, making one wonder how far it went.

    Garret shook his head, getting the different thoughts out of his head. His brother stood in front of the girl with this girl that seemed like she was showing off that she had a jock as her damn boyfriend. Sure his brother was the captain of the football team, and got straight A’s in every class he took, didn’t mean he was the pest person to be going out with. His attitude was like that snake on the girls shoulder. If you got to close he would bite you and nearly kill you. It wasn’t anything that she should be showing off.

    “Garret!” Squealed the girl, as if trying to make him more embarrassed then he already was because of how he had to be stuck with his brother all day. If only his parents understood that they hated each other.

    With a groan of pure annoyance, he pushed himself from the seat he had been in for the last five minutes. Although he probably could have been nicer and hurried over to his brother like a good little boy, her took his sweet time not wanting to have to deal with them more then he already had too.

    “What do you want Anya?” Garret asked in a dark tone, his hair shifting over his eyes. He was looking at the girl that had walking in moments ago and he didn’t want to be teased for thinking that a girl obviously out of his rage was hot. Oh wait, that happened all the time, but Garret was a nerd, or at least that was what he had been told.

    His ACDC shirt and regular blue jeans had helped him not look nerdy, but he had skipped two grades and probably could skip a few more. His dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes made a lot of people look at him, but his skin was so pale most people thought that he was albino. He hated it, but he didn’t was to get skin cancer, so if he had to go outside he wore something to keep the sun from actually killing his skin. Although that didn’t seem so bad to some, compared to most of the people around him he was some kind of freak. It was a nickname of his, but he had had it for so long that he didn’t really mind it anymore. It was just a plain old fact now.

    “What do I want? I want you to leave, but that’s not going to happen. Now what do you want to drink?” Her voice reminded him of nails on a chalk board, but he had to hold back the wince that threatened to come out because he would get hit by his brother otherwise.

    “I don’t want anything. Thanks.” He muttered, almost under his breath. His gaze went back to the girl, not realizing he had looked at his brothers annoying girlfriend. The girl was looking at him which made a deep red color take over his pale cheeks. She probably thought that he was some freak too and that was embarrassing.

    “You are actually going to take that?” the voice was unfamiliar and it made him shot a questioning glance over at the girl. Her face was stern and she had her gaze on him. She was a lot prettier up close then far away. Just that made him blush again, making him unable to speak. So instead of speaking like he should have he nodded and made a move to turn away. “Don’t take that from her.” Her voice was at his ear now and it made him jump. He hadn’t noticed it, but she was only a few inches from him now and it was weird. To be perfectly honest he had never been this close to a girl before. He liked it, but it scared him all at the same time.

    “Well, I’m used t it.” Garret’s voice was shaking and it was hard for him to look back up at the girl who was smiling gently at him. It was like she was an angel that came to help him. If it was even possible, his cheeks became a deeper red. “Thanks for your concern.”

    Without thinking Garret ran off, trying to get away so he would have to be close to the girl that made him feel all funny inside. His stomach had turned, making him feel like he was going to puke. She seemed to do things to him without even actually doing anything to him. It was so strange. What made it even stranger was that he had just met her. Should he really feel so strongly for a girl that he had just seen in a damn coffee shop?

    “You sure run fast for a nerd.” The voice that had made him act so strangely snuck up on him and it made him jump. He nearly fell over, but she came and steadied him by simply putting a hand on Garret’s shoulder.

    After a moment of him calming down Garret remembered something that he hadn’t thought was familiar before, her voice. It reminded him of one of his friends. She had moved a few years back, but the girl had been shorter and was also a nerd, just like him, but just to make sure he looked back at the girl, looking her straight in the eyes. It was her. He could tell simply by the scar that ran down her right cheek.

    “Kat?!” Garret said in a surprised voice, his arms coming up and wrapping around the girl. She laughed and hugged him back. She had changed on purpose, testing her old friend. She had missed him and she could tell that he hadn’t changed. Seeing him in that coffee shop hadn’t been intentional, but it sure as hell had been nice. When his arms wrapped around her, her arms did the same.

    “Finally, thought you forgot me.” She smiled, and it showed in her joyful tone. Although what happened next was unexpected, but for a couple it was nothing out of the ordinary. Garret’s lips pressed against hers with fiery passion. It was like two lovers that hadn’t seen each other for years. Although these two had never gone out, which made it weird for them to be kissing, but they weren’t going to complain.

    “I love you.” Kat said when Garret finally pulled away.

    “I love you two.”