• All those people. They’re so pathetic. They’re born, learn to talk then come lies. Their lives are built upon lies. They don’t now about us.

    I’m watching an ambulance take some elderly couple from their home. They’re dead, it looks like natural causes but it doesn’t concern me. All the people around mourn for their neighbors. I wish I could die. I should have been dead over a hundred years ago. Just then I saw an emo looking boy watching me sitting in my tree. It’s pitch black outside, no on should be able to see me. He continued to look at me. I stood up on the branch I was sitting on, which is thirty feet up, and jumped down landing on the balls of my feet. It paid off to be fast, graceful, and quiet. I didn’t care if he saw I was most likely going to kill him anyway. When I landed he had a frown on his face. He had grey eyes, jet-black hair with different color streaks in it, and was really pale. I had to say he was pretty cute for a mere human.

    Then a wicked grin spread across his face. I walked over to him and his grin got even wider.
    “What do you want and why were watching me?”, I asked.
    “Why are you here?”, he said with a sly tone.
    “I’m here because I can be!”
    “Well I’m here because I can be too”
    “You never answered my questions. You have no idea how close I am to killing you right now so you had best speak up!”, I accused.
    “Right now I want nothing and I was LOOKING at you because your just like me”, he answered. Well we did look alike in some ways. We both have grey eyes but I have natural white hair. We both are wearing skinny jeans and dark colored shirts and stuff. We were both even wearing eyeliner. But then I noticed something he has no heartbeat.
    “Wait hold the monkey you’re a vampire!?!”
    “Yep that’s right.”
    “Huh never would have…… ”, I was lost in thought. Now the more I looked at him he looked familiar.
    “Have we ever met before?”, I asked.
    “Yes we have because I created you”, the boy stated.
    “Woe, wait, what, no way “, I stuttered. You see I never remembered any of my human life or who changed me. All I knew was I woke up on a metal table alone in the middle of Siberia. A waste land. Don’t ask why I just don’t know. He must be lying I thought to myself. Then I spoke.

    “Ya right”, was all I said.
    “No I’m telling the truth Raven”
    How did he know my name? I was getting freaked and that’s not usual for me. The norm. is moody and aggravated for no good reason. I ran. I took off in a full speed sprint and sensed him following. I jumped from the ground and took to jumping on rooftops at a lighting speed. I guess it’s a good thing I found a pair of jeans on my floor, I think it might be hard to do this in a skirt. Oh what ever I’m running for my life.

    Oof. Fudge monkeys he got me. Right in mid-jump he leaped from the ground and got me. The next thing I knew I was falling to the earth with the wind knocked out of me. Then I was on the ground with him on-top of me and I still can’t breath.
    “Wow you turned out great”, he said.
    “Get off can’t breath”, I managed to gasp. Then he grabbed my hand, pulled me up and kissed it.
    “You chase me, knock over, and then think you can kiss me!?”, I yelled.
    “Don’t you remember Raven?”, he asked. Great she really doesn’t remember. Ever since I left her after I bit her I’ve been looking for her and now she doesn’t even know who I am. Maybe she can hear me telepathically.
    “Raven it’s Xander. We met when you were sixteen. We fell in love and I changed you so we could be together forever. Please forgive me for leaving you but I was being hunted. When I finally lost then you were gone and I was left heart broken. Huh that’s funny since I have no heartbeat.”
    “Did you just say something?”, I asked.
    “Yes”, Xander said.
    “But how your lips weren’t moving and what’s with the ‘love’ part?”
    “I talked to you telepathically and we were once lovers, when you were still human.”
    “Okay this is stupid but what’s your name?”
    just then I saw something flash in my head. It was him, Xander and I walking in a park at night talking about how we were going to run away.

    “Um let’s see”, Xander said.
    “I’ll come and get you at mid-night tonight. Bring some clothes, money, and food. You know because I don’t eat human food and all”
    “Ya but you eat humans. So what else do I need?”, I asked. We kept walking on different trails going deeper into the park.
    “Nothing else I can think of right now”
    Then we sat on a bench and he whispered little nothings into my ear. Then everything started to fade.

    “Hello, Raven can you hear me?”, Xander asked.
    “Huh, what yes I can hear you”, I replied.
    “Why didn’t you answer me the first time?”
    “Uh I saw us walking in a park talking about running away I think. I know I was still human.”
    “Good it’s coming back to you.”
    “I need to go and if you were smart you might do the same.”
    “Why?”, he asked. Then I pointed to the horizon showing the sun was coming up.
    “You can come with me to my house if you don’t have some where to stay”
    “That would be great!”
    “I have a few extra rooms so you can pick one to stay in but this doesn’t mean I trust you yet.”
    “You’ll trust me soon enough.”
    Then we ran off into what was left of night.