• One day the prince of commonwealth was playing with his toy truck.He did not notice how is truck was very red he asked his sister but she was dead. She was split into two he ran his parents royal room they were burned to death.There were only ashes on the bed he fell to his knees and cryed.he told his butlers to take him to lower life were nobody has never seen him.There on people now know him as jake a very common name were he was living.A hobo asked for change jake stabbed him his eyebrows curled into a evil grin.He went to the store the clerk told him the total was $67.89.He threw that knife at her and his face was stuck in that evil grin for the rest of his life twisted .he ran out the store a person watched the whole thing that person was his soul.Now he never noticed his soul was taken away but his soul did.One day his insides were feeling real ruff the soul came behind him and flew through him then took out his heart and burned it in his hand.You see his soul actually did all the killing his sister he took that knife a cut her in two.Just like he burned jakes parents thats how his heart was burned.Jake was scared as his soul killed him but he grabbed the tail and threw it into the wall and took his heart back.