• Every Angel is taught that Demons can become consumed with wrath and turn into monstrous killing machines at the cost of their own life.
    But Buwaro was berserk with rage from the moment he was born.
    He must have been like that because of the damage done to his egg.
    If left to his own, it wouldn’t have been long before he’d die of exhaustion.
    I made a promise to his father to keep him alive, so I had to do something…
    “I have an idea.” I said. The idea I had come up with seemed crazy, but I thought that maybe it would calm Buwaro down.
    “…Stay still…” I said to the berserk Demon.
    I used a spell to enchant my hands and held them up to Buwaro’s head.
    I was amazed, Buwaro actually calmed down, his fangs, horns, and claws returned to normal as he started to pass out.