• Prologue

    I ran, intent on finding him, hoping I wasn't too late. Hoping I could get to him before he killed him. Thinking that if it wasn't going to be me killing him, it would be that, that THING. I had to go faster, but the sun beat on my skin, even in this car. If he would die, I would die with him.

    Chapter 1- Secret

    As I drove to the school on the humid, cloudy day of may, I could only think of what I was about to do. Being new and all to this almost always sunless place called Pits. The road to the school was long and bumpy, but I managed to make it there fast. The little convertable I drove in was more than fast enough for this. I looked at my pale skin.

    As I entered the parking lot and parked my car, looking at the other low model cars, I sighed.

    And thats when I saw him.
    His golden hair and blue eyes made me look, and I just couldnt look away. His shirt clung to his chest, revealing a very muscled chest. I shook my red and brown hair, and looked in my mirror. My normally (or right now) supposedly gold eyes were black and I pinched myself.
    ' No! I cannot! But why ME??!!! Artemis Calan, WHY ME???!!!' I thought, getting out of my car and locking it. I saw him vanish into the office, and sighed.

    Of course, I sat down in english and looked at the vacant chair next to me. And right then, he walked into the room. Seeing that the desk next to mine was the only empty one, I moaned softly. He came and sat down as I clenched my hands into fists and placed my chair as far away from him as possible. I felt his gaze on me for who knows how long. But, to my releif, Mr. Varner called on him for an answer. I think he said his name was Edward.