• A castle stood in a raging storm.
    This storm made everything pitch black, but lit the landscape up with a single lightning bolt. Anyone could easily see the jungle-like area with strange flowers and bright colors, but, beyond the plants was a tall stone structure, the castle caught in this mess. It had several vines and moss stuck to the cracks and lines criss-crossing its surface. The gray structure screamed abandoned to anyone passing by, but, it wasn't. One person resided here, and he was tossing and turning in a cold sweat of a dream.

    Darkness cloaked Grim's vision heavily. It was happening again, this horrid dream he had been having for the past six months. he tried to wake himself, save his consciousness from the awful agony, but could not. An invisible, but massive hand wrapped itself around Grim and yanked him into the depths of the dream. Thea's beautiful form appeared before him. She had that colorful striped T-shirt and jeans he had seen her in last. Her flawless blonde hair hung about her shoulders in a wispy cloud, just as it always did.
    "Thea," he was forced to say.
    She whirled around, her eye wide with fear. Her amazing features and perfect lips were just shock. He hated it.
    "Come here," he murmured. "I'll make it painless."
    he felt himself lips something. Thea saw the item and tried to run, but Grim leapt upon her. She struggled, screaming for help, and his hands abused her by giving her no mercy and slapped her. She fell silent.
    "Stop it," he snapped. "You're not making it any easier."
    Grim lifted this item again, seeing the serrated edge of a knife. The edge slipped across the soft skin of her wrist, led by his hand. A streak of blood bloomed across this part of her body and overflowed, staining her skin as it rolled down her arm. He saw her expression as it turned from fear to devastation. She teared up and looked at him. One bulb of a tear bloomed in the corner of he eye and ran down the curve of her cheek.
    "Monster," she whispered.
    Her face vanished into the darkness again and he felt a moment of plummeting. His body hit the floor in a painful smack, his consciousness flickering awake. He blinked up at the dark ceiling once before covering his sweaty face with his hands. They twitched as they did this and shook against the thin flesh of his face.
    "I am a monster," he said.
    He sobbed once, but couldn't let anything else out, his body wouldn't' let him.