• Barrage of the Fallen

    He opened his eyes.Being awaken by a pecular smell.A smell he knew well-too well,a rancid putrid scent that makes one sick in the stomach.Yes, if you haven't guessed by now,it is the unmistakable stench of death.This brought his hand to grip the dagger in his pocket,as he slowly stood up-alert.

    He put on his black leather boots as his chains clinked together from his black dragon-skin jacket. His eyes had a hellish tingeto them, a light-blue silver, with a hint of malice. As he walked to his makeshift door,jet black hair fell into his eyes. His hair was abnormally well kept, and almost shoulder length. He was almost angelic, except he was half vampire and a verry skilled assassin.

    As he stealthily slipped through his door he let out a quail call and waited until it was answered by another. It was midday and from the shadows came the owner of the reply. She was a small built female with snow-white hair and cat-like features. She walked tward him then nodded as if they had had some silent conversation.

    'Holocaust', she spoke.

    'Aries', he replyed as his silver blue eyes meet her scarlet red ones.

    And even though the two looked nothing alike except for clothing, they shared some of the same blood-Vampire. Aries was a hybrid, an Elfire, half Elf half Vampire.

    'Any word from helios?',Holocaust purred.

    'No, but soon, yes soon',she replyed as her spikes on her bracelet retracted and contracted in frustration.

    'Did you smell that too?',asked Holocaust in his velvet voice.

    'Yes.'.was her only reply, her voice was of pure silver.

    Their eyes locked again as they headr a twig snap. He motioned with his hand for them to split up. Aries was a few seconds ahead of him, and was already shrouded in her hood and on the other side of the appartment. Her crooked dagger un sheathed. Then she vanished behind the wall and returned while licking the blood from her blade.

    'The philosophers?',he said. It was more of a fact than a question.

    'Not anymore',she confirmed coldly as a sly grin crept acrss her face.

    ......to be continued
    hoped you enjoyed that^^