• Chapter One: It begins...

    '...Why... why do I have this terrible feeling... damn... I can't stand this place...'

    Thoughts echo like a blazing cry, their essence of word keeping the distant reminder of sadness alive in the head of that boy... until day break he is pummeled by the constant screaming of misery. But happiness wakes with the sun, thus a new day begins in the life of that boy... until destiny would rip him to shreds... or grant him his wish.

    "Please wake up dearest Syaoran... you'll sleep your birthday away." a voice called out, shattering the silence of THAT boy's dream, its sweet and loving tone seemed to caress him gently from his void of sleep "Cant have that now can we..."

    Arising from his bed Syaoran, the boy of 12 years, gently ruffled his hair. It felt like mere seconds ago that he had entered into the void of sleep, his cursed world of dreams, but to no worry he smiled, the sight of his beautiful mother woke him up. Nodding in compliance to his dear mother's whim he slowly edged his way off of his bed, placing his feet to the floor and letting out a small grunt of contentment as he stood. Giving himself an almost pat on the back as he stretched letting out another, louder, grunt of contentment before turning his body and taking a few steps to his right a small curtained window sat between him and the outside world, a world of which shared not a care for.

    "Your father and I are waiting, its already almost noon so get dressed and come out to greet the day my son." Syaoran's mother Tomoyo said, giving her son a warm smile before slowly closing his bedroom door. A genly claking noise sounded from the closing door, the trait sign of its complete closure.

    The sound echoed throughout Syaoran's mind 'Everyday...' he thought, his mind still clouded with so many disheveled thoughts of the day ahead, the future, the rest of his life and thoughts of his ultimate end; the day of his death flooded into his mind. For days now he had the same dream, every night it was the same the sight of him dying as if he himself was a different person. The vivid dream was like a grand painting, each moment locked in memory for forever more as he recounted the thoughts of the grim foretelling. Within his dream he foretold he would die by sword, the wielder unknown but the sword was very much known; the very sword his father kept above their mantle in the central living quarters of his small home, his grandfathers ancient blade. Shaking the grim thoughts from his mind as he gave a sigh 'Cheer up...' he thought 'at least today is your birthday... something good at least right?' with this he smiled, indeed it was a grand day, the day he turned 12 and the day he would be accepted as a student in his towns local warriors brigade.

    "Lets go. Now Syaoran." a voice rang out, its baritone rang through the walls in a demanding voice, the sounds of a screeching chair followed it, foot steps soon after. Within a moment his bedroom door swung open, a tall fit man stood in his doorway "Should you keep us waiting any longer I will leave early, without you."

    "Y-yes father... I'll be out in a moment..." Syaoran replied, his body immediately lowering down into a polite and respectful bow, a customary event when his father showed his face in the household.

    Syaoran's father, Takamura, was the emperor's right hand guard, the leader of his attack forces and a well respected and feared man within the entire country. It had been nearly two years since Syaoran had seen his father, with his line of work he was lucky to be seeing him at least once every two to three years, but Syaoran couldn't complain. He hated his father, and more then a normal person should hate someone it was as if Takamura had slain everything dear to Syaoran and still sat rubbing salt into the wounds. Takamura was a cruel man, some rumor that he only has Tomoyo because he rules over her in fear, this was furthest from the truth for only Tomoyo had ever seen Takamura smile. But he did rule the town in an iron fist, even the great and mighty emperor himself was afraid of the powerful man. Coming from such a lineage as the great and ancient mage Clow was a huge burden for Syaoran since he himself was one of the two direct descendants of Clow, the other was much older then Syaoran and had not been seen in years now, it was rumored within the family that he was killed during the last imperial war.

    Finally dressed in his ceremonial garb, a green Chinese royalty outfit that Emperor's often wore to adress the public, Syaoran left his cave of a room stepping forth into the gaze of Iron Ruler father and Angelic mother, the likes of whom seemed to gasp as they witnessed their son dressed as a man. Takamura stood from his chair, nodded once to Syaoran and then once to his darling wife who, since her husband had stood, now bore a look of sadness and discontent. Taking a few steps forward, in his right hand was a sheathed sword, his left was the same.

    "Are you ready?" Takamura asked, his left hand raising up to offer the sword to his sun, the glorious green sheath accented the tassle at its handles end, the Clow family emblem engraved on the handle, just above were the blade met the handle "You'll only receive one try... fail and everything you've been training for has been a waste of my time."

    Taking the blade and nodded Syaoran took a moment to admire the blade, he had only been able to look at it until this day, but as soon as he had looked it over twice he remembered the painful memories of his dream, this was his families sword; the sword that would slay him.

    "I'm ready father... lets begin." the young man replied, his voice shaky and filled with fear, Takamura could almost smell the boy's fear as the two walked together to the back door of their home. Exiting into the large open back yard the two broke off, Syaoran stand on a large circle of stone on the left side, his father the right. Shutting his eyes Syaoran took in a deep breath, the event to unfold would decide the rest of Syaoran's life; the fated showdown with his father. Although he knew it was as ill-fated to do battle as it was to fight the alluring scent of his mothers Payu, small apple-filled pastries often considered the best in the world when made by Tomoyo. Finally opening his eyes and slowly removing the blade from its protective sheath the young man let out another sigh, his voice filled with a trembling fear as he stood ready. Until this day he had never seen his father in combat, yet the rumors of his amazing power rung in the mind of the boy, "They say he killed a hundred men in a single blow!" "I heard he can cleave stone in a mere second!" I've seen him skin a man alive without even moving!" all the rumors flooded forth, knowing that his father would NEVER hold back in battle even against his own son.

    "Stand ready Syaoran! You've been under my training for twelve years now! Even as an infant I knew you'd be a great warrior! You're power even now rivals my own so give it your all... I'm not holding back!" without warning Takamura drove forward, his own blade readied at his side as he lunged it forward into a side attack. Barely able to comprehend it Syaoran threw his own blade up to his left side, his father's blade making full contact with the guard and throwing Syaoran back a few feet. Continuing his attack Takamura drove forward once again, his blade pointed forward for the tip to meet his son's flesh, a thrust drove him forward at a speed that Syaoran had not seen from anyone. Tracking the attack with his fathers own strategy Syaoran readied himself, the blade of his father drew near as Syaoran spun left his knee driving up into the gullet of his father, a successful counter attack against this beast of a man.

    "Good..." Takamura grimaced, having been laid down by the attack he now slowly stood, clutching his stomach with a smirk laid across his proud face "But if you think you've won then I'd best kill you now. Get ready... this will end it!" raising the blade up to stare into its flat edge Takamura placed his index and middle fingers against the blade, a small charge gathered at his fingers as he slowly slid them up the blade; his finishing attack.

    Knowing what lied ahead should Syaoran fail to defend himself against his attack he mimicked his father, placing his own fingers against the blade and sliding them up the smooth clean blade, having a vast knowledge of his fathers attacks he knew what was about to happen. Lightning began to pour onto their blades, the energies from the two clashed as they neared their short yet climactic unveiling.

    "Raitei Shorai!!" the two shouted, thrusting their blades forward as large bolts of lightning burst from the two unison blades, the massive streams of energy locking against one another in a massive parry. The two attacks clashed against each other as Tomoyo ran from the home, gasping loudly as she watched her husband and only child put forth their powers into the attacks, knowing the true devastating power of the Raitei Shorai. For what seemed like an eternity the two flooded their inner most energies into the grand attacks father and son duking it out in what would appear to be a battle to the death, their brows began to pour sweat as they continued, matching each other perfectly in a match of not only wits but powers as well. Tomoyo attempted to step forward, halted in her tracks by the density created by the dragons of lightning.

    "Uuugh..." Syaoran grunted, his entire body began to be pushed backwards, the energies bursting forth from his father seemed to great as his attack began to become overwhelmed "I can't... I cant hold out any longer... father...." his voice filled wiht fear and despair.

    Hearing the words of his disheveled son Takamura scowled, stepping forward as he began to strengthen his attack, his words from before ringing in Syaoran's mind 'I'd best kill you now...' taking another step Takamura dragged his blade back, just behind his head ah removed one hand from it, his left hand still locked on the blade. Extending his index and middle fingers in an almost pointing manner he stared at Syaoran, his recoiling son who could barely hold back his own father's attack. A small blue glow began to form around his two pointed fingers; a new attack.

    "Suiryuu Shourai..." Takamura muttered, his fingers seeming to shine as a small sphere began to form, darting from the sphere was a single line of ice. The spire of ice drove forward towards the already guarding Syaoran.

    Time seemed to slow down, all around him Syaoran could only see black as he focused on the piercing ice, unable to guard against both attacks tears formed up in his eyes, within an instant the ice pierced through his upper body, his guard dropped as the mighty lightning attack over took him. Syaoran's body acted as a lightning rod as both his and his father's attacks collided into his body, letting out a scream of pain as the attack fried at his skin. Before long Syaoan blacked out, his body slowly falling to the ground, his torn and tattered skin releasing what blood it could as he laid lifeless on the cool grass, only the sight of his screaming mother could be seen from his eyes as they shut, the life fading from them, the sound of his father's distant footsteps almost clouding his mind he could tell his father was walking away from the scene, as if nothing had happened.

    'Its over... I'm d...ead.... ' Syaoran thought, his eyes slowly opened. He woke in a soft bed, his eyes locked on an unfamiliar ceiling as he heard foot steps, fighting to sit up he turned his head to see who was approaching him 'Father? Mother?' he thought; neither.

    "So you're awake... don't worry about your treatment, I've already received payment for it... you're safe here." a womens voice rang into his ears, her distant tone seemed to soothe Syaoran as he looked up at her. She wore mostly black, a black dress that wrapped around her body, her long black hair hung down to her waist as she gave the young injured boy a cold yet caring smile "But your payment doesn't cover any wounds you inflict upon yourself after I treated you..."