• Prologue………………………………………………………………………………

    When Adam was a little over the age of eighteen his whole clan was attacked and slaughtered. Among the dead was his mom, dad, brother, and his little sister.The only two survivers left his twin brother Jake and himself. While he was angry,enraged, full of pain and sorrow, he set out looking for the hunters that had slaughtered his whole clan and took everything from him. He left Jake behind for the fear of his brothers safty. He walked as man in the bright sunlight of the day. And hunted as wolf by night. Adam stood about 6’tall in his human form and about 7’ tall in his werewolf form. He was sandy blond hair and the prettiest blue eyes you would ever see.
    When he finally found the hunters, he was looking for, he went after all of them alone. He fought off about four or five of them. He tore them up with his claws. The sixth guy shot him in the chest with a silver bullet, it took Adam down to his knees. But not before he riped the heart out of the guy who had shot him. Adam ate the heart of the man. He needed the blood, he was very weak. Adam, got to his feet, his was naked and in human form now covered in blood running down his body. Adam had managed to make it all the way to a dark alley. When he fell to the concrete street, he was almost dead. The silver was spreading through out his entire body now. He knew it was the end of his whole world. But a higher power, had other plans for his life. The leader had sent Cole out to find him. Cole had found him laying in the dark alley. He was covered in so much blood. Adam had almost to no pulse and his heart beat was very shollow. Cole picked him up over his shoulder and carried him to his car. Cole opened up the back door and laid him across the back seat. He shut the door lightly,then jumped into the front seat and drove away to his cabin.
    “Hold in there,Adam. I’ll have you there as soon as I possiblely can.” Cole said into his back seat. Cole knew Adam wasn't doing well. Adam,began to gasp for more air.
    "That silver has really got you bad." He said trying to keep Adam alert. When he finally pulled up to his cabin,Cole slammed on the brakes and stopped the car as fast as he could. He then opened his door and got out. He opened up the back door, and picked Adam up out of the back seat and carried him into the dimmly lit cabin. He walked into the bedroom and laid him down across his bed. Adam's breathing was a little better. The silver was already all through his blood stream now and he was dying fast. The only way Cole knew to save Adam's life was to bleed him,then turn him. Cole covered Adam's body and bit into his neck. He drained Adam of almost all of his blood. Then he bit open his own wrist and dropped a few drops of blood onto Adam's tongue. He started to swallow it. Cole sat him up against his crest. "Here drink this. It will help you feel and heal a lot sooner." Cole whispered into his ear. Adam was not interestedin the blood at first and keep moving his head away. But after a few minutes, he finally took a hold of Cole's arm. He put the open wound up to his mouth. And began to drink the blood. When Cole started to feel weak,he pulled his wrist away. But Adam grabbed for it again. Cole pulled his arm away again, but got up off the bed this time.He knew actaully what was going to happen and really didn't want to see it. So, he watched as Adam laid back down on the bed. "When you wake up,I'll be here waiting for you." Cole told him as he watch Adam start his transformation from half human wolf to vampire as well now. Cole, watched as he slipped into the vampiric coma. Adam's pulse slowed to completely nothing, his breathing got really shallow. Then it was gone. Cole could see his pupils start to dilate as his heart stopped beating. He then fell into the deepest sleep. Cole left the room to let him rest,checking on him periodically throuhg out the night. As the sun started to rise in the sky,Cole had to go under ground to get away. But he knew Adam would be ok. He would sleep through the whole day and wake to a whole new world around him. And hopefully he would be ready to go out and feed.