• As we awoke that next day, I couldn't help but think that today was something to tipically avoid.
    I shot a glance at Kavlin and, though I thought I imagined it, I think there was that same look on his face as if deceiving it as well. We got up though, and ate our meal.
    He broke the silence first.
    " So since your package is all done, should we go and try out mine?"
    I gulped.
    " Well if you dont want us to become the internal damned, we should talk some sense into them someday."
    " Hmmm..." He breathed as he slid next to me. " We should. But I wonder what they'll do. They are pretty darn stubborn."
    " I'll get through to them." I sighed and placed my head on his shoulder, and he placed his hand on my hair. " But it will take some time."
    " We have all our lives."
    " Then take me to them, so I can end this conflict. And if you want to be mine."
    " You know the answer to that last one. And take my hand."

    I took his hand while lifting my head, and before closing his eyes, he kissed me for an instant. My head began to whirl, and not because we had changed scenery. It was dark and damp; just how I like it. Then a booming voice sent me cowering in fear.

    " Useless vampire! You were not supposed to-!"
    " Shut up, Demitri! I'll talk and you listen." His voice had a harshness I'd never heard of. It shocked me, all the while appealed to me.
    " Though she may be a godess," He shot a glance at me. " She is my Godess," I looked at him, feeling the high blush on my cheeks. " She is and always will be. And you do know that I am entitled to do whatever I want since I am a vampire. The boss of them all. The 'Bloody Baron' as they call me."

    Demitri was speechless.
    " And," I said, and stood up. " On my side of the deal, I have agreed that it is not fair to seperate peoples feelings, wether they be trolls, faries, or dragons, they are entitiled to do as they please. So, please, Demitri, 'thou shalt not spear thy emotions, but thou shalt let thy live thy wish.' " I said, quoting one of my favorite medeival lines.

    " Very well. You shall need her, Bloody Baron, she could help you control your bad temper."
    Demitri sighed, then vanished in a puff of smoke.
    " Well then ' Bloody Baron' " I quoted with sarcasm. " Take me home."
    " We have no home."
    " Any place where we are together, fells like home to me."
    " Yes, but I shall get you one soon enough."

    He took my face between his hot hands, and kissed me, tangling his hands in my hair. My hands mooved greedily to his face, tracing every detail as I felt us go back into the cave.