• A young woman stood on the dock staring out at the open ocean, her long red-blonde hair and cream silk dress flying about her. Oh what fun it would be to sail the ocean in search of treasure, fighting off the Navy and the stupid East Indian Trading Company. And yet here I am, standing on a dock staring out at the ocean. I wonder if Father will let me leave.
    With that Merideth strode off towards her mansion overlooking Nevis. She decided to stop at the market to buy an amulet just for no reason really. She found one that caught her eye. A golden cross embedded with diamonds, and yet that was the thing you'd have expected her to look at but nope. The one that caught her eye was a skull and crossed bones with emerald eyes. She reached down to pick it up when the merchant slapped her hand.
    "Ah ah ah Miss. You have rather interesting taste but this can only be held by the buyer."
    "Alright then. How much would you like sir," Merideth replied pulling out a bag of coins.
    “15 pounds,” the merchant said holding out his hand.
    Merideth withdrew the money and the man gave her the necklace. She continued heading up to her home when she spotted her long time friend, and lover, John Simmons. She ran up to him and they embraced each other with a hug and kissed quickly. Being the governor’s daughter she couldn’t marry any mere person, only one of her father’s suitors.
    “Where are you going in such a hurry?” Merideth asked John for she had seen him running in the direction of the docks.
    “I’m gonna’ go and join a crew. Well I’m actually taking control of the crew,” he paused and saw the amulet. “Would you like some help with that Merideth?”
    Merideth blushed. It was in her nature to be flattered when a man asked if she’d like some help but she knew that John was being serious. “Why of course Jonny. I’d love some help.”
    “Jonny? You haven’t called me that since we were kids.” He put the amulet on her; they bid each other goodbye and continued in the directions they were going.
    Merideth arrived at her home and as she walked forward the guards stood in the middle of the gate blocking her from getting in.
    “Let me through men,” Merideth said sternly.
    “Sorry Miss, but you have to have direct orders to see the gov…”
    “I’m the governor’s daughter! Now let me through!”
    “In that case that means that you’re not allowed to come in because you’ve been disowned,” one of the guards informed her.
    “What?” Merideth and the other guard said together.
    She looked over to see that the other guard was her younger brother Daniel.
    “Daniel, what are you doing here?” Merideth asked under her breath.
    “Father wants me to become a guard. Although considering the fact that you were disowned, I think that I must have been too. Oh well back to the barn,” he replied as well but in a sort of happy whisper.
    “Can I at least go in and get my stuff?” she asked the guard who had told her the horrible news.
    “20 minutes.”
    Merideth ran through the halls and up the stairs until she came upon her room. Damn him! Damn him for disowning me! She thought as she was opening her door. She opened it and grabbed a little bag that she had never used before and started stuffing corsets and dresses in with no thought about the fact that they’d all get ruined. What am I going to do? Was her first thought.
    She then paused and looked at herself in the looking glass. Then she picked up a letter opener that she kept on her dresser she cropped her hair letting the reddish- gold locks fall to the ground. She took a corset and cut the back laces off so that she could tie her hair in a little “pony tail” at her neck. Then she looked around for a long piece of linen cloth. She found one and bound her breasts down flat. All I’ve got to do now is go down into the town and buy some men’s clothes. She thought to herself.
    She finished packing and left the mansion to go around to the back. She arrived and opened the door of a little shed to have an extremely hyper beagle jump on top of her.
    “I can’t play now Sonya. I came to tell you goodbye,” she told her puppy. She hugged her and head off