• Shadow Gallows

    The sun's rays shifted through the clouds creating a small path of sunlight in which Harin darted across. Pulling his bow from his side he aimed at a snaggit full on, direct in it's stinger. The stinger of a snaggit can tear you to peices and if that dosen't kill you...the poison surely will. As it's sharp scream periced the air, falling swiftly. He looked up to the sky and asked if this was his living?
    "Why must I be the hunter? Why must I forge my own food, clothes, and everything? Why can't I be a normal middle class man?"
    He shook his head while skinning the snaggit. How could this be his life? Why did he have to live this way? Raising his head to the last beam of sunglight, salty tears swelled in his eyes, slowly streaking down his face. Only if his father and mother were here...they would know...

    The feeble man twisted from his chair, slightly arroused by this disturbance of his mid-morn meal.
    "Y-y-you asked me to come..." She said, bowing onto her knee.
    "Oh. Yes I need you go to the Light World and slay a norm."
    A norm was a term for "normal" person, and she was shocked how nonchalantly his words spilled from his lips.
    "S-S-Sarin...W-w-what d-do y-you mean?"
    "You heard me, Haruno."
    She shuttered, her eyes almost turning inside her head. She stopped her fall with her wrist, feeling a small sprain.
    "But sir!"
    To be continued...