• I was a wish, wasn’t I?
    I was bound to disappear sometime. A Butterfly could never live long. Wishes were always being made. There were never enough of us to grant all of them.
    We could choose which one we could grant. Butterflies were required to grant a wish within a year. Had we chose not to grant a wish during the time, we would wither like a flower and die without being reborn.
    It was painful. So, so painful to die that way...
    I was a wish, wasn’t I?
    Stroking his pale cheek, I made my decision.
    His eyes opened. He looked so exhausted…so close to the other world.
    “No,” he whispered. “No…”
    I struggled to smile, to ease his worry.
    “…I am a wish, aren’t I?”
    “I’m not worth…your wish....you can’t…”
    I spread out my wings, the and the light shone through them. I knew they were beautiful to human eyes.
    “You may not think you are worth it,” I told him gently. “But I do, and I can. Why should I wait and grant someone who I don’t love a wish?”
    I bent down and placed my lips on his. They were so cold…
    I could see his life slowly slipping out of his body.
    I raised my head and stared into the heavens, blocking out his protests.
    “Heavens, I am a Butterfly. I speak to propose my first and last wish. My name is Cyroselle, my meaning is divinity. I speak to propose a wish and have it granted without fail.”
    I could hear music ringing in my ears…
    “Please…let this boy live.”
    I could feel my wings disintegrate. I never opened my eyes. A warm feeling spread throughout my body…
    I could sense his tears, his horror, his pain.
    But I was a Butterfly. I would not live long enough to be with him. When I disappeared after those memories we made, it would only hurt him more.
    I would be reborn, with no recollection of my past life, yes, but reborn nonetheless, and possibly, at that time, if his wish is for me to stay...
    But this was now, and that would be then.
    I was disappearing.
    I was a wish, wasn’t I?
    Of course...
    And I used that wish to save who I loved.
    I was a wish, wasn’t I?