• Shadow Gallows Part III

    Haruno felt the cold stone floor crash into her as she was being locked in.
    "B-b-but Sarin! You said that it was a holy mission and that I'd never be punished--"
    He sniffed.
    "Oh...I lied," he said with a grin, "Maybe your hanging will change your mind?"
    She cringed. She was being--hanged? Oh god, what next? The guards were nearly finisihed, clicking the neck belt on her.
    "Oi, that be a good 'irl, 'es see?"
    She bit her lip, giving the guardsa cool look.
    "I'm going to kick your a@#as soon as I'm out of here."
    The guard raised his head, making sure he got close enough to smell his foul breath.
    "I be countin' on 'et, missy."
    He smiled crookedly, his black and yellow teeth glinting in the light.
    "Oh boys, good job. Right 'o, take me back yonder to the tent."
    As the guards picked up Sarin's moveable throne he waved to the children, mocking them.
    He turned to her, milicious agaony being shown in his tears.
    "I'm sorry--" "Bite me."
    His words chilled her. How could he be so agnst? He uttered two strong words: "Break out."
    She nodded.
    . . .

    The wall crashed in a sudden flury, debris and maryter spraying like a fire hydrant. As the two children scuried out, a sudden hand groping under there feet stopped them dead.
    A dwarf came popping out of a whole, with googles and a head light strapped to his head.
    "Well, 'ullo 'thar young-un's. What brings thee to this nick 'or the woods?"
    They shook there heads in unusion, unaware what to say.
    "Well--me name is Martin. King of the Kradaz. Who might thee be?"
    They stated there names, bowing.
    "Mm...so are ye breaking out too?"
    They nodded.
    "Ok. W'ell break out together."
    And then the worse came. While walking arm in arm, a burly guard saw them.
    They split in different divisions, each running to a different place. But the guard sprinted across the field and grabbed Haruno by the neck. Having little mobility, all she could do was cringe. The foul beast took her away.
    "Oh crap--HARUNO!"
    "Boy, there's nothing ye can do."
    Salty tears ran yet again into deep scars, feeling his heart with hopelessness.
    "Oh god, why!? WHY!?"
    As the night yearned, Harin felt worse and worse as time passed. Then--Judgement Day.
    . . .

    Martin and Harin ran as fast as there legs could take them, there bag clanking against there chain mail. 'Faster...faster.' He told himself. His face was beet red, the smell of hope filled the air. Maybe he could do this. They dug their heels into the dirt, stopping at the most frightful thing in their lives--the Shadow Gallows. Haruno was strapped by the neck into on of the gallows.
    They launched themselves into one the guards, swiftly depatching one of them. Martin blasted a hole through on of their heads, and Harin ran to dispatch Haruno. He hit on target.
    "Harin,oh thank you!"
    He nodded and turned to his side. His mouth dropped. Martin was slayed, his lifeless body twisted and twangeled.
    "OH MY F--" Haruno grabbed him and they ran into the dark woods. They ran, for they had nothing to turn back on, no reason to go forward, no reason to go back. With tears in their eyes they kept going, hoping to end everything.

    To be continued...