• I've been here for around a week now, and still don't really know what's going on. I sat in the corner staring at my hand. I closed my eyes and tryed to reach that wierd feeling in my mind. Ah! There it is. I tryed to grasp it, but I didn't really know what to do with it. I looked at my hand again, and sure enough, it was rough and violet. I grinned. ~Clunk~

    "Hey." It was a flat bored vioce. I looked up and saw Solar leaning against the door. His black hair hid one of his eyes.
    "Guess what" he said. " You get to go outside today." He gave me a short half smile.

    "Cool." I grinned. I couldn't wait to get out of this rat hole. I stood up and followed him through lots of hallways. It was an akward walk. Solar didn't say anything the whole way, so I stayed quiet too.

    "Here we go." He pushed open a door, and I squinted as the bright light blinded me. We walked out, and went over to a group of people standing by a river. I took note of my surroundings, we were in an open field, surrounded by a dense forest. A river ran though the field, and into the trees. Solar took a spot in the crowd and beckoned me to join him.
    "This is the training field. We spar in human form here." I looked at him confused, and then remembered what that guy had said. This was like some army. I swallowed hard. I noticed then the crowd was surrounding two people with long poles. They were fighting each other. Some people cheared, but most just looked through them into space. When they were done, they left and washed of some blood in the river. Two more people took their place.

    "Does everyone have to do this?" I asked Solar.

    "You do unless you want to spar Gemini."

    "Whose Gemini?"

    "The discepline officer. Let's just say he never loses a spar." Solar looked at me with a sirious face, and I understood. We watched for a while, and then he said "Our turn." Solar gave me a wink, and handed me a pole. Suprised I took it, and stepped in the rink. I didn't know how to fight. What did he think i was going to do. Solar took a few steps away from me and paused for a few seconds. He'll go easy on me I thought. He clenched his jaw, and gave a barly audible scream. Suddenly I was on the ground with blood ozing from my shoulder. I got up and barly blocked his next blow.

    "Come on! Fight!" Someone in the crowd yelled. I swung akwardly at Solar. I was slow and weak. He blocked it easily, then took a blow at my head. My stick was too big to move quickly, and soon I was on the ground again. I heard laughter from the crowd, and took a few more blows from Solar until they stopped. A hand came down, and I took it. Solar pulled me up, and lead me to the river. I washed off some blood then sat under a tree. Solar looked at me with pity and sat next to me.

    "I'm sorry." It was a real statment.

    "I guess it's ok." I stared across the river. Lord where have I gotten myself?