• Chapter Three****Jealousy or Hate

    A day past again, mom and dad are home. They were freaked out because sawing me with Jeremy together. We just sleep together, not beside each other. He slept on the floor while I sleep at the bed. Well that’s harsh…. I know. I told my mom and dad about him and they except but they didn’t want me to do things in the room. Ha-ha. Well that’s my parents. “Melody, there’s someone here to see you. He says it’s urgent.” Mom tells me to go see that someone at the door. I go there and it is…… Nathan. “Nathan! What are you doing here?” I ask him “Melody, I came here just to ask you out at Halion Sea. Would you go out with me?” He asks me so sudden. I feel a little nervous because it will be my first date and there will be my first kiss. How wonderful. “Sure Nathan, I mean okay.” He then goes home. I feel so excited today. I look behind I saw Jeremy being mad. “Jeremy? Are you okay?” I touch him and he suddenly pushes me away from him. “Nathan, what’s wrong with you?” I ask him again he then says “Why did you go out with a guy? Can’t you see! I can’t protect you there on a date! (Melody turns around) Melody, tell me, what can I do to not let you go there? It could be dangerous. I lo……….. Never mind…… (Feel sad) Just do what you can and want to do. I am just your guardian.” Jeremy is sad. I can’t even face him. I go up to my room, getting ready for the date. At night, I wait Nathan at the balcony. Jeremy is in my room sleeping with his innocent face. He is such an idiot. Why can’t I live for myself without him but he is so gentle. I can’t resist. Why can’t he just tell me that he loves me and I’ll understand or I am in love with him? Ugh…… I feel so unsure. “Melody, can you not go there and stay with me for today?” Jeremy asks me to not go. How can I but this is for Jeremy sake. “Okay and it’s just for today.” I call Nathan and he accepts it. I sleep with Jeremy at the bed but we didn’t do anything, we just sleep together. At the next day, mom and dad went to Marfolics to search for herbs, artifacts and crystals that can never be found here. Well I’m still here at Halion waiting for my dinner with Nathan. “Melody, Umm… What are you doing? Oh C’mon I’m a guy who should be more mature…. Huh… (Looking at the mirror while talking to his self)” Jeremy is trying his best to make me like him. Well his a guy right? He should try to pry for a girl or a woman like me. I was in the kitchen baking cookies, making crepe suzette and jelly for me and Jeremy since he is so wanting me not to go to Nathan. “Jeremy, come down here. Let’s eat together.” I called him down. I was standing in front of the stairs waiting for him. Jeremy runs down the stairs. Suddenly he tumbles down because he stepped on an empty can on the last step down. He accidently pushed me down and he was on top of me. Well I don’t know how to explain this because it’s complicated. I blushed…. Well I’ve got to blushed because we are facing each other. It is so embarrassing but he has a wonderful scent. “I’m sorry….. (Quickly sat up) I didn’t mean to be on top of you, I also so didn’t mean to make you blushed. (I blushed more)” Jeremy said sorry. “That’s okay….. I am very sorry because not cleaning the house. I’m not a good sweeper or thrower. I’m sorry….so… very sorry.” We forgive each other and ate the meal together. The sun falls and it was my time to go on my date. The bell rings and I go to the door. Jeremy felt very disappointed. I open the door and saw Nathan smiling. “It’s time to go, Melody.” I look behind while looking at Jeremy who is leaning on the wall with his sad face.
    Halion Sea
    “Wow! What a beautiful sea. It is so…. Calming….. Ha-ha. Nathan what’s wrong…? Nathan?” I ask anxiously. Nathan replies “Melody, actually… (I was in a hyper mood listening to Nathan saying) I……. am….” Suddenly….. “STOP…….!!!!!! Stay away from Melody.” Jeremy pulls me and holds me hardly. “Ouch stop it Jeremy. It hurts….. What’s wrong with you?” Nathan is smiling broadly. “Actually Melody what’s wrong with you?” I was puzzled. “What are you talking about?” Nathan replies “Ha-ha-ha you are such a dull girl. How could I be going out with you? I am Prince of Hellion, The future, Devil of Hellion. You see, I’m here to take your life actually but you’re stupid guardian is protecting you. I have always wanted you to be in my mansion but I can’t get you in and it is also because of your guardian.” I was shocked. I felt so angry. I was selfish for not listening to what Jeremy says and now it’s time for me to take him on. “You have tricked me a lot Nathan and it’s time for payback. I don’t care if I don’t have power to defeat you but I still have might to take you on.” Nathan was laughing loudly, it was actually an evil laughing loudly “Well let’s fight, Devil’s mighty fire!!!!” I didn’t get to punch him but I got burned “AHHH!!!!!” Jeremy was worried “Melody stops it. You’ll get hurt like that” “I will be okay, Jeremy. I’m sorry that I didn’t listen to you. To repay what I did to not listening to you I will fight to protect you. YAHHHH!!!!” I tried to punch him suddenly a light begins to appear. “My dear melody, take this necklace as it will give you powers. My ring has transformed into a necklace, so I think it will be your powers, please equip it. Goodbye my, Melody….” The voice that I heard from the light was my mother I think. The light vanished. “A necklace, hmm well let’s get this started, Mechalony Staff, Appear!!!” I transformed into something I had never seen before. “What it can’t be, your mother soul has been gone for a long time, how could it be back? Well, Enhance Fire Breather!!!” Nathan attacked but I block “Pure Shield!!! I don’t think you can defeat me that easily Nathan. Pure Heart!!!” I attacked him by purring his heart. Nathan says “Hmm well maybe attacking you isn’t gonna be easy. Farewell Melody until our next meet. It’s time for me to pull back.” Nathan left. Jeremy, well he is in a shock since I got my power. He then faint. Ha-ha Jeremy is such a baby. At home, Jeremy was mumbling when he was in a sleep. He was saying “Erika…… Mighty……. I will….. Find…you...” “Who is Erika Mighty? Is that Jeremy’s girlfriend? No way… He is single. Right……? (Speaking softly)” Jeremy wakes up from his sleep. He was looking around, puzzled. I was outside sitting under a shady tree. Jeremy went outside asking “Are you okay?” I reply “I want to know, who is Erika? You said her name when you were asleep. Tell me….. (Stands) Who is ERIKA?” I was asking anxiously at Jeremy, wanting answers.” Jeremy was shocked and told me the answers that I was wanting to know…. “Erika is my step sister. She was the closest step sister that I have ever had. She was taken away by the Hellions. I promise to myself that I will find her. It was like 10 years ago. Huh…. I loved her. Why can’t I protect her?” I felt really selfish thinking that Erika was Jeremy’s girlfriend. “Jeremy, Let’s find her. Let’s bring her back, Together!!!” We begin our journey to find Erika Mighty at Hellion.